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The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has launched a new website to track Sarah Palin and her seemingly unending tirade against wolves and other wildlife.

The website, accompanied by a new advertisement starring Ashley Judd [below], will feature a tracker of headlines regarding Palin’s treatment of wildlife in Alaska. For instance, the discussion right now is focused on her willingness to ANWR to drilling.

“Sarah Palin isn’t fading into the background, so neither are we,” commented Defenders Action Fund President Rodger Schlickeisen. “Given her known political aspirations, the American public deserves to know what she’s doing in Alaska, and about her extreme anti-conservation policies.  The list is long, and we will document it all, from her continued promotion of the aerial slaughter of wolves and bears, to her lawsuit to remove the polar bear from the endangered species list, even as the sea ice melts beneath it.”


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  1. People need to learn to coexist with nature. Sadly, it is hard to say that when yes, you do have mouths to feed. But truth of the matter is… caribou and moose are not the most logical choice for a hunt. Especially a moose. Moose are huge and extremely dangerous unless ill. And guess what? That is what healthy wolves do.. they target the weak. A hunter has no such problems finding and taking down an item like this. Hell, they just point a barrel at it and pull a trigger.

    Wolves have to calculate their odds… and nine times out of ten, they will not successfully get a kill. This nonsense about wolves eating a people’s food source is ridiculous. They eat what they need. And if a populace of wolves is too great for the prey item in question, they migrate or perish. The problem is self-solving.

    Leave the wolves alone and learn to farm your food. You are a human after all. Capable of farming, raising or importing your food. It isn’t hard. We’ve been doing it for centuries.

  2. Bill Bessonette

    Isn’t it ironic that outsiders have come to Alaska and again, dictate how the Natives live their lives? First the Russians, then Americans came to Alaska to educate and “civilize” them, and instead gave them the common cold, tuberculosis, venereal disease, and alcoholism. In the late 40’s and early 50’s when my family lived there, there was a $2 bounty on eagle claws, and so it continues.

  3. May God show her no mercy upon His coming!
    May every animal take a bite out of her soul when she draws her last breath.

  4. Actually, this is something that MUST be done in order for the Original people, you know, the Natives, to be able to eat. These people do still HUNT for food.Being a native american myself, I know that sounds harsh to some of you who depend on your food from someone else, ie: the grocery store. But this is life to the Native of Alaska. How dare you judge your brother for wanting to hunt and feed his family!
    There is such a thing as OVER population.
    I hate to say it, but this is really being overly judgmental.
    This is NOT about Sarah, this is about keeping up food for the native.
    And to the person who says they are native,(Sandra) you must be underestimating the problems with the wolves in Oklahoma, as my family lives in Ok, and some still on reservation areas. Its a PROBLEM. Then again, in OK, we don’t go out and HUNT for our food. So you need to place yourself in the NATIVES of Alaska’s shoes. Oklahoma IS NOT Alaska! Actually, I spoke with one of my relatives, and the wolves DO hunt some of the sheep and other smaller animals. So I think you either have no clue, or you are just wanting to vent your own personal feelings, instead of being objective. Subjectivity is NOT factual. No matter how much you want it to be.

  5. u know i think that this is a disgrace to our human race. she is getting rid of these animals that deserve to live just like anything else. why r they killing animals that our children and our childrens childen will only see in books. they should have the same privaledge that we have grown up with and that is to see these animals alive!to me this is no more than slaughter for money of innocent animals. it makes me sick to my stomach matter of fact it did when i watched the video. i live in oklahoma and there are wolves here. i have seen then up close and personal. one of them had a skunk in it mouth and stop in front of me and waited on its mate to catch up and there where baby calves everywhere in this pasture. there is not a problem with them staying around the cattle. these wolves are not hurting nothing here and as far as i know no where else either. theses animals mate for life. they have more compassion than humans. please i beg of u this has got to stop. let her come here and kill some of our animals. here in okla we hold our animals sacered alot of them are from our indian heritage.the wolf is one the the most animals that leads us in our in our life. im getting so mad i have to stop now. i just wanted to let ya’ll know how i feel and most of the people here in oklahoma does to. thanks for what ya’ll r doing and calling attention to this disgrace!
    sandy george 580-317-7905 402 se 2nd st. Fort Towson Okla. 74735

  6. We all learned that Sarah Palin has the mental capacity of a caveman or woman during her campaign. This kind of savagery is inline with a primitive mindset.

  7. The video did not bother to educate the population on the rationale for killing the wolves. It helps to protect the moose and caribou. The wolves devour these creatures as a food supply. People, yes actual people can then hunt them and use for a food supply to feed their family. Bet those depending on food stamps aren’t out doing any hunting.

  8. Cameron Mitchell

    It is ironic to think that someone who is so pro life if human, even in the case of rape, is so pro death if not human.

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