Kate Winslet, PETA Oppose Foie Gras


Foie gras is a “luxury food” or delicacy. However, if you watched the video above, I imagine you’d rather not pay anything for it. Completely horrifying.

It is nice to see Kate Winslet joining the Pope, world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, PETA, and others trying to bring an end to the consumption and commercial sale of these tortured geese and ducks’ livers.

With the UK, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Norway, Luxembourg, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, South Africa, and the Czech Republic completely banning the production of foie gras, hopefully other countries will follow suit soon.

via Eat.Drink.Better.

Photo Credit: Maggiejumps

9 thoughts on “Kate Winslet, PETA Oppose Foie Gras”

  1. This is terrible, sad and vile! Those poor birds! I hope a lot more people stand up for this. People who abuse those birds should be abused too.

  2. the video is deceitful. even if you are against foie gras, it’s better to truthful and let people decide for themselves rather than show the worst nightmare of foie gras which a false example of the true conditions of geese farming.

        1. Wow, no propaganda there, eh? & coming from the foie-gras.com.au sales department, what a surprise! looks like a wonderful life & process,.. where do i sign up? & imagine that’s probably one of the nastier foie gras farms, unlike the one in the article above where ducks are swung around like nothing and so gently treated (i’m sure that not the norm). Wow, how can you actually work in the job you are at…

          1. Hi Zachary,

            It was an another example of a good farm, like many others.

            I agree with you, the farm shows in the Winslet video is a shame, but they don’t mention any name or location…

            Internet is a great place to post this type of video, with no arguments and no facts. I don’t know any serious news channel employing real journalists that will publish this video.

            If you want to take actions, try to found the farm and send the authority, there is strong legislation about animal living conditions in most of the modern world (that includes France πŸ˜‰

            You may want to check chicken farms as well, as they don’t sell one kilo of chicken the same price as one of foie gras, the chicken industry is not the best example.

            My point is to show that the process and the so call force feeding is natural. If you are worry, like most of us, about living condition, you should blame the farmer, not the product. You can do so by taking local action in your neighborhood.

            You will never won the war again foie gras. Thankfully the level of education is rising and most people understand that duck/goose liver has the ability to grow to stock fat for long migration. By the way it’s mostly organic farming. The ‘feeding tube’ doesn’t hurt them as you ‘still’ think because birds don’t have similar esophagus as mammals (that includes humans).

            The video I posted explain it very well. with facts, unlike the PETA joke.

            If you are interested to make your own opinion about the product, you can order online at http://foie-gras.com.au

            Best regards,


          2. “force feeding is natural”


            i’m sorry, that is a complete oxymoron

            all of those countries above have banned foie gras because it is so pleasant for the ducks & geese, eh?

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