Just Do It: UK Climate Activism Film {VIDEOS}

At the end of 2010, I wrote a piece on an exciting, fabulous, inspiring documentary on UK climate change activism over on Change.org. This film is actually launching today.

Just Do It filmmaker Emily James & leading climate activist Marina Pepper sitting on BBC's red couch during a TV interview. (Video at bottom of page.)

Researching the piece, I discovered all sorts of awesome UK climate activism I wasn’t aware of before. It made me really respect the direct action climate change movement in the UK, which seems to be leagues ahead of the US direct action movement. I just ran across the documentary — Just Do It — again due to its release in the UK today and thought it was high time (British English) to share it with folks over here on Planetsave.

If you haven’t kept up with or haven’t been aware of all the great climate action in the UK in the past few years (or even if you have), check out these awesome videos below — two trailers and then one of the actions covered in the documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Emily James.

Theatrical trailer for Just Do It: a tale of modern-day outlaws

Original trailer (film was originally to be titled Just Do It: get off your arse & change the world)


Bike Rush

The filmmaking process was actually a unique, collaborative, largely volunteer-based project. Now, their looking for that continued volunteer support and enthusiasm to get it shown in as many locations as possible in the UK and around the world. Learn more and sign up to help out over on the Just Do It site.

And lest you think this is only getting picked up by environment and activism sites like Planetsave, check out this feature on BBC, which includes an in-studio interview with the filmmaker and one of the leading activists.

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