July 2010 Heat Records Will be Normal Temps in July 2050

Climate Central postcards

And the global warming news keeps coming…. What else could you expect?

Think this July is ridiculously hot? It may be relative to the past, but relative to the future it looks like it will be quite normal or even cooler than normal (unless we turn things around fast).

Climate Central created some nice little postcards to help explain this (image above).

And it writes:

By mid-century in Philadelphia, the sweltering heat of July 2010 may be thought of as cooler-than-average conditions, as more days above 90°F routinely occur. The 2010 dates on this “postcard from the future” for Philadelphia are actual; 2050 dates are representative of average projections. Postcards are also available from the cities of BostonNew York and Washington, DC.

Send some postcards to your friends via the Climate Central website.

Image Credit: Remik Ziemlinski via Climate Central

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