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Dear friends,

What comes next?

That’s the question facing people all across the country — people in the climate movement, people in the Occupy movement, and all of us here at Fired up by the momentous victory over the Keystone XL oil pipeline, we know one thing for sure: this movement has momentum, and we can’t stop now.

We’re going to make sure that Keystone XL never gets built, but this movement is bigger than a single oil pipeline. From continuing to fight tar sands development, to stopping fracking, to ending fossil fuel subsidies — we want to collaboratively figure out the best way to grow the movement against fossil fuels and corporate polluters.

To chart the path ahead, we’re turning to all of you: the brilliant, passionate, creative people who make up this movement.  We’re joining forces with our friends at Tar Sands Action to hold a nationwide “Movement Strategy Session” on November 30th.

Here’s the plan: at 7pm EST this Wednesday we’ll have a live video chat to lay out some of the ideas for possible campaigns to take on next. We will gather in living rooms and cafes around the country with friends, family, and fellow-activists. If you can’t make the start time, no worries, the video will be available to watch at any time at this link.

After the video, all the people watching around the country can continue the conversation in their own local groups. Together, we’ll have a big, distributed, nationwide brainstorm to come up with other game-changing campaigns and projects for the climate movement. A few days later, on December 5th, we’ll all come together again for a nationwide conference call to discuss the most promising ideas from the Movement Strategy Sessions across the country, and present the plan for the next steps.

Here’s the basic info:

WHAT: Movement Strategy Sessions, a video-chat and experiment in nationwide brainstorming for the climate movement.

WHEN: November 30th, 7:00 PM EST

WHERE: In communities across the country and online at

WHO: Activists, team members, the Tar Sands Action team, and you.

Click here to search the map for local events and join a Movement Strategy Meetup in your community >>

If there’s no event near you, we’re hoping you can start your own. It’s easy: all you need is a small space to host (like your living room or a local cafe) and a computer with an internet connection so you can tune into the video chat.

Click here to host your own local Movement Strategy Meetup >>

Last Thursday, as I sat with around the Thanksgiving table, I felt overwhelmingly grateful. I was grateful for friends, family, and food — but I was also incredibly grateful to be building this movement with all of you, at this pivotal moment in history.

Thanks for all you’ve done to bring us this far — and all you’ll do on the road ahead.

More soon,

Anna Goldstein for the team

Photo via Elvert Barnes

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