Jason Schwartzman (of Rushmore/I Heart Huckabees/Bored to Death) & Farm Sanctuary Promote Vegetarianism {VIDEOS}

This came into my email recently — Jason Schwartzman, who I love, teaming up with Farm Sanctuary, who I love, to make a fun, interesting video about animals and vegetarianism, which I love — and I was planning to cover it myself but then Becky Striepe (editor of our sister site Eat Drink Better) beat me to it and did a good job of it, so I’ll quote a bit from her:

We’ve talked here before on the power of your food choices to impact the environment and the environmental impacts of eating meat. Eating a plant based diet is better for your health and for the planet, and it’s great to see stars like Jason Schwartzman and organizations like Farm Sanctuary showing that eating a veg*n diet is not just healthy but delicious!

You can watch the video above, of course, and can read more (and get some tips on eating vegan or vegetarian) over on Eat Drink Better: Jason Schwartzman and Farm Sanctuary on What to Eat.

And here’s another cool little home video of Schwartzman pitching the video and honorable cause.

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