Japanese Whalers Sink Sea Shepherd's $2 Million New Boat [Photos]

“The Sea Shepherd extremism is becoming more violent…Their actions are nothing but felonious behavior,” said the Institute for Cetacean Research in a written statement that was heavy on the rhetoric.

“Contrary to its claims to be a marine wildlife conservation group in reality they are dedicated to fund-rising [sic] and to spread violence under pretext of protecting whales.”

The statement went on to take a rather ironic jab at the Sea Shepherds for abandoning prop-fouling ropes and “spoiling the Antarctic marine environment.”

Both the Sea Shepherds and the Japanese whaling fleet have stepped up their efforts this year. The Sea Shepherds, by sea; the Japanese whalers, by air.

The Sea Shepherds added two new vessels, the Ady Gil–which may have sailed for the last time–and the newly-added Bob Barker, named after the TV game show host and long-time patron of conservation’s $5 million donation to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. To counter the additions to the Sea Shepherd floatilla, the Japanese began conducting surveillance flights from Tasmanian airports to track the location of the protest ships. A move that has already triggered condemnation from the Tasmanian Greens.

“The Japanese whalers have now escalated this conflict very violently,” Sea Shepherd Capt. Watson in a statement after the incident.

“If they think that our remaining two ships will retreat from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the face of their extremism, they will be mistaken.  We now have a real whale war on our hands now and we have no intention of retreating.”

Photo credits: 1. and 3. JoAnne McArthur/Sea Shepherd; all other images: Institute of Cetacean Research Other sources used in this story: Sydney Morning Herald; Herald Sun; Ecorazzi. Tim Hurst is the editor of ecopolitology, follow him on twitter.

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  1. No McAteer which side of the debate that you are on one thing is clear. The premeditated actions that Paul Watson and his crews take when they illegally board vessels, cause damage to them and threaten their crews are illegal acts. They justify it by stating that halving s illegal, the Japaneese leet is using a loophole but it is I’ll egalitarian. Attacking foreign flagged hips the way Watson does is not legal under any legal standing.

    If ths occurred off the last of Afica and someone attempted o illegal lard or detain a vessel it s called piracy and is delt with in at least some cases with a 50 caliber Barrett rifle.

    Watson needs to be prosecuted for his crimes and if he or his boats attack (they cal it attacks) a boat the vessel has the right o defend itself, under Jaimie law that includes sinking the aggressor.

  2. LOL thank god. I kept wondering why doesn’t somebody just sink their boat. I mean if they continue to cause a loss of profits to various company’s. It should be decided to take permanent action against them. Its about time somebody finally sunk these idiots ship. Personally if I had a Japanese whaling boat I would have it armed to the teeth and when these retards showed up tried to freaking board me. As soon as the whale wars crew took any action, from throwing a stink bomb to blocking our route I would order the sinking of there ship. It would be perfectly viable because I would take there action as an attack. In order to protect my ship and the company’s profits I would sink their ship. In order to minimalise casualty’s I would in return board their ship force them to surrender at gun point. Put them in a life boat and destroy there ship.

  3. I’m not saying that I am pro-whaling, but I wonder what people would think if a Japanese group started interfering with American oil tankers, commercial fisheries, etc in international waters because they deemed it ‘inhumane’ or ‘damaging to the ecosystem’. The level of arrogance is almost comical. If they want to disrupt another nation’s practices then they better be prepared to face whatever consequences come with it and not bitch about it. I commend them for acting on their beliefs, but at the same time I have no sympathy for them when they get crashed into and shot at. I’d do the same damn thing if somebody was interfering with my business like that.

      1. They’re taking advantage of a loophole in international law, not violating it. Maybe the anti-whaling advocates should focus their efforts at changing the law rather than attacking companies that are, by law, operating within their rights.

  4. Good! Lucky the JDF doesn’t send a ship to sink the Sea Shepherd. Americans need to learn to mind their own business all over the world! Oh by the way Green is BS!

    1. Very informed comment……. not……. It isn ‘t just Americans you short sighted person.. it is basically the whole of the world… but keep on going….. it just makes everyone else treat you with the contempt you deserve.

  5. The Hypocracy of the anti whaling loby make me laugh ,Every time you eat fish ,tuna ,sardines ,cod etc you are suporting a slaughter far greater than any whaling operation does.

    Europe and North america (Usa and Canada)have sucessfully decimated their fish stocks by basically raping the sea, Australia and Newzealand have had to cut the qoutas by more than 50% because of this behaviour . Trawl fishing is the most destrutive form of fishing there is we kill these fish in there hundreds of millions every year. Fishing vessels dump thousands of tonnes of dead fish every day because they are not the target species.

    People get caught up in the emotional BS that surounds whaling what we the so called “Civilised West” do is a hundred times worse than the japanese whaling.

    Remove the plank from your own eye befor you attempt to remove the splinter from anothers eye.

  6. Are you lot actually in favour of killing whales? Reading the comments here it seems that you are!

    Personally, the only shame I find in all of this is that the governments and navies of the world can’t deal with the whalers. It’s not the job of civilians to do a military job. What a pity that the ‘pirates’ have more guts than politicians and the armed forces. What the Japanese are doing is illegal. To call their activities ‘research’ is simply ridiculous. The only reason they are allowed to get away with their crimes is because the world is frightened of the economic consequences of opposing them.

    To call the whalers ‘fishermen’ is also ridiculous. Whales are mammals, not fish, and I’ve never seen anyone fish with an explosive harpoon. It’s more usual to use either a net or a line and hook.

  7. Bio diesel is made from veggie oil not ethonal . The protesters need to use pulse sonar and chase the whales away. That prevents them from killing the whale and both crews go home. Pulse sonar scares the (;://: out of whales navy tried and true.:)

  8. Great! At least now the Ady Gil will not keep burning up bio-diesel, and that corn can be used instead to feed hungry human beings instead of fueling eco terrorist vessels! For all of Pete Bethune's bravado on camera, he sang like a canary in Japanese custody, and went home yelping like a beaten dog with his tail between his legs!

    I wonder why some aging Japanese WWII pilots don't get back on their Zeros, and place a couple of well aimed torpedoes….that will put a permanent end to this eco terrorist nuisance!

  9. This may be the best thing I have seen on the net in a long time! Too bad the ship didn't actually go down.

  10. Glad to see the Japanese fisherman win one. The Sea Shepard's group are a bunch of jerks with too much time and money. Maybe they need to get a real job and produce for the poor if they feel compelled to poke their noses in someone else's business

  11. That's what you get for speeding in front of a boat ten times your size. The only sympathy i feel is for endangered whales, not this reckless ridiculous captains. They need their lessons revoked. All of them (Sea Shepard's) Don't be surprised if it goes from ramming to fully automatic weapons.

    P.S Capt. Paul Watson is reckless and insane and has no business on the open sea.

  12. christianecon

    Wow, how disturbing to come on here and actually see people criticizing or trying to argue against the Sea Shepherd's efforts, even angrily. The consrvationists will likely win this war eventually, for the same reasons democracy evolved, slavery in the U.S. was ended, women got the vote, civil rights evolved, etc. It's amazing so many of you lack human empathy for these intelligent, highly social animals. I'm sorry you were likely abused as children (something very abusive happened to you), but you shouldn't take it out on whales.

  13. Go park your car in front of a train and see how fast it stops. They knew what they were doing and got their bluff called. They should have come around and finished the job.

  14. I only watch the show to laugh at the stupidity of the environmentalist idiots and the their feeble attempts to police the high seas. Who are they to be the policemen of the world. The day the Steve Irwin gets sunk is a day I look forward to…Bunch of liars and terrorists.

  15. now if we could just sink thie eco-terrorist while on board and send them to davy jones locker that would be fantastic.

  16. I think its disgusting that these Japanese whalers are getting away with whaling. It takes allot of courage to go out to sea to fight these pathetic whalers. Its illegal what they are doing and someone needs to hold them accountable.

    I applaud Sea Shepard for their efforts. Too bad these idiots writing these negative comments are not witnessing the horrible events that are taking place first hand to give them the sense of how wrong this is. It didnt look like the ship stopped in front of the ship, it was clearly steered into.

    We need more Shepards in the world!

    1. in actuality, the only “sad” thing here is that you’ve swallowed watsons lies and are now parroting them to the world. You haven’t bothered to actually go read what the IWC does, and does not allow have you?
      Did you know that the IWC is the ONLY organization recognized by the UN for all matters on whaling? You haven’t bothered to see just what the IWC is about? nope, you’ve simply accepted watsons word as law. How about you going in and reading up on the “laws” watson progesses to enforce. Then come back here and tell me and everyone else
      1. The LAW, as written showing offenses
      2. The penalties for each type of infraction
      3. The court having jurisdiction over the area(s) involved
      4. Once you’ve done so, show me the letter of empowerment that the AHJ gave to watson making him the sheriff, judge, jury, and executioner over ANYTHING, let alone a sovereign nations vessels.

      I’ll wait,..
      I’ll be laughing..but I’ll wait.

  17. The Sea Shepherd are a bunch of parasites.
    I am mostly vegan in my diet, so i wont approve of whaling. But then again i dont approve of livestock industry for meat and dairy either.
    Why dont these Shepherd ram trucks into livestock houses in their own nations?

  18. Why a “bat boat”? It must of made it cost much more! It’s silly. Quit wasting valuable dollars for toys!

    1. The “Bat Boat” as you call it was designed as a world class speed boat that had been used by its prior owner to try to set the world record to circumnavigate the earth. The Ady Gil was black because of the kevlar and radar absorbing paint that was used. Education is a wonderful thing.Save the Earth, Save the whales. BTW, whales live in family groups and travel from around the world to mate. If you think that killing them is okay or even cool, how would you feel if I came to your home and just slaughtered members of your family?..just a question for you morons to think about when your not using that other brain cell.

  19. All of you loosers that think that this man or his crew are terrorists or pirates need a colonoscopy with a baseball bat with nails. These guys have more balls that you will ever dream of, and are the only humans out of almost 7 billion on earth that are actually doing something to protect these species of animals and trying to make a difference. Nobody else has stepped up to the plate,forget Greenpeace, that do absolutely nothing to intervene, yet I still get mailers at my house asking for donations so their top execs, can get richer it all a sham so they can say,……”yeah I’m an enviromentalist. I’m with Greenpeace”… .We need radicals like these guys, people that will put their life on the line to protect these whales that has as much right to be here as we do. Diplomacy doesn’t work, few people really care enough to do something, and everybody forgets that we already managed to efup our planet with green gases and we drove so many other species to extintion. And what do you say to these selfish bunch of hugry bastards like these Japanese people, that think is trendy to eat whale meat. The Japanese government is on denial so is the rest of the world, why aren’t the rest of the nations sending warships to enforce the treaty and sink these Japanese whalers? Why doesn’t anybody ELSE do something but seriously, already huh? tell me all of you loosers, what will there be left for our children, and their children of what the world use to be?

    1. too bad for you, that the “rest of the world” actually KNOW what the rules, regs, and treaty’s are. Starting with COLREGS, UNCLOS, ATS, IWC. Others ARE doing something, just like your hero watson;
      Hamas is launching rockets into civilian housing and also sending “stupid bombs” into blow up busses, stores, markets.
      Al Qaueda is blowing up civilian targets, provided 9/11 for us, and still continues..

      Shall I continue?
      your pathetic rantings show that you are the type idiot that watson wants to have. gullible, zealous, and unable to put a coherent thought together to save your own life. Yep, you fit right in with his crew.

  20. I beleive 200% in what the sea hepards are trying to do.I firmly beleive that Russell Sapp (rantings above) should go live in japan and eat the tainted walemeat and die. you go paul watson.The japaneese whaling fleet needs to rest on the bottom of the ocean with its crew.I beleive i n Paul Watson and what he stands for.

    1. So you’re ok with all out warfare…
      what’s your whine about on the whalers succeeding first with the sinking of the plastic toy?
      What OTHER terrorists do you stand with and support?

  21. You people on the Sea shephard are as ignorant as can be ! These men are fishermen and are in a sustainable fisherie. You leave the dock with a boat load of people who cant tie a knot. Your lucky you are still alive and if you keep leaving the the dock with kids fresh out of college who went on your website and got all exited it will be you who makes the news ! You will never stop fishing in International waters because it isn’t your jurisdiction. You go home and they fish for 20 more days ,so the trip takes a little longer. Do yourself a favor and spend your spare time in a casino or mexico ! Idiots !!!

  22. IF THE JAPANESE WHERE SIMPLY DOING RESEARCH, THEN WHY THE HUGE FOOD PROCESSING SHIP THE JAPANESE USE?? Hidden cameras in Japan has showN street vendors and shops selling the whale and dophin meat. This IS NOT research.

    The issues are the watered down INEFFECTIVE international laws that have huge loop holes. These incredible weak laws DO not protect our precious endangered, innocent whales and dolphins. These so called international laws are left open to interpertation which the Japanese take FULL advantage to keep on WHALING fill there processing ship in the name of research. The Sea Shepherd had filmed the long agonizing deaths the whales and dolphins suffer which is just more insult!

    Just like pre-born children who cannot speak for themseleves who will speak for the innocent whales and dolphins?

    The Japanese are the ones who need to be ASHAMED!

    Even Greenpeace as THOUSANDS of innocent whales and dolphins bloody the seas, they just give lip service and have not accomplished to my knowledge, saved ONE whale or dolphin. How long are the nations going to twiddle thier thumbs while the slaughter continues???

    I applaud the Sea Shepherds and their boat ‘Steve Irwin’ whose wife and staff gave full blessing to knowing that Steve, one of the greatest compassionate conservationtionst would have approved.

    So for all of you who also want to either sit on your hands or suck your thumbs and whine and don’t care one whit about the innocent killings please try to understand the international law and ‘quota’ for research is meaningless words. At least the Sea Shephed does not fire tear gas, flash bangs, shoot guns nor use any other life threatening devices as the Japanese do. It is NOT self defense for them since there lives are not being put in danger as they have with the Sea Shepherd and the Adi Gale, I watched that video repeatedly. Yes they cut across the bow but then were away from the bow and STATIONARY when the Japanese turned towards them and hit them. The Japaense are IN A WHALE SANCTUARY! Please look up in the dictionary if you do not know what a SANCTUARY means!!!

    Save the innocent!
    D M

    1. Obviously, by your choice of words and wording, you’ve visited the cistern of watsons kolaid. Guess what sweetie, the IWC is in place to MANAGE the differing whales stocks for a possible RETURN to commercial whaling, did you bother to read the IWC charter or its rues and regulations? I thought not. Why don’t you go read them, then come back and tell everyone about HOW it is to be determined that the whales are ready, or not (pssssttt.. here’s a hint… research whaling.. no research, no whales…) As for your supporting your own pet terrorists, that’s par for the course, as long as they do what YOU like, they’re ok to violate anyone else’s rights and laws. As for sanctuary.. I suggest YOU go read about who this “sanctuary” (set up by the IWC no less…) applies to. Uh oh… it doesnt apply to 1. those that filed objections, or 2. Research whaling. Too bad pookie. Or did you mean the AUSTRALIAN sanctuary, the one they claim in INTERNATIONAL waters ? You’re near to being classified as just another brain dead lemming. Go look up the TRUTH and not just watsons koolaid for lemmings.

    2. Please! They are pirates, plain and simple! I wish someone would buy a surplus kilo sub and sink the Irwin and now the Barker too.

    3. Because by law they cannot waste the whale so they use it for food too, conservation at work using all the parts

    NZ Corporate Office
    Auckland CBD 1010
    New Zealand


    NOTICE TO New Zealand PM JOHN KEY Governor General ANAND SATYANAND, Japanese PM & Ships Captain

    Moai Equity Kooti Class Action Hearing Film Sea Shepard Evidence of Japanese Whaling Boat Attack http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/news-100105-4.html
    MOAI.WANOA World News Twitter @tidalelectric http://twitter.com/tidalelectric Buzz https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#buzz/109077180482482073719

    The Japanese Captain should now be charge with attempted murder on the High Seas according to my estimation. He was on full power in a bigger ship should have turned away instead went straight in. There is no doubt in my mind what he was thinking at the time of impact. He was clearly upset the aggressor front on impact. What is the reason for a Research ship traveling a full speed researching or chasing whales at that speed? Fishing in the Polynesian Triangle is considered an offence against the Sovereign Natives in this region and it is the New Zealand Government Prime Minister that is accountable and Liable for allowing Whaling permits issue to Japanese Prime Minister and Captain of the Japanese Whaling Ship Equally Liable as Offences against the MOAI Sovereign State under the 1835 Declaration of Independence Confederation Flag and MOAI Sovereign State Jurisdiction and Constitution of MOAI GODS GRACE. Please take NOTICE that MOAI is the LEGAL CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY in the Polynesian Triangle Title Boundary Claim Area of Oceans. The New Zealand Government is FRAUD STATE has no QUEEN ELIZABETH11 Sovereign Authority to issue Whaling Permits in the Polynesian Boundary area! This incident is reported to the European Union Parliament and United Nations Human Rights and Congress under the MOAI GOD Sovereign State Maori 1835 Declaration of Independence International Trading Flag We warn the Japanese Government to remove their Whaling from the Spiritual Ancestral MOAI SACRED TRIANGLE area Boundary immediately. We hold the Prime Mister of Japan and New Zealand now Liable for CLASS ACTION CASE. Please adhere to these Instructions as of today. If your Japanese Ships are not removed today then we proceed to take legal action against you named Prime Misters. This is now a serious matter. Please go to our website witnessed by Twitter and Google Buzz World News and the Citizens people of the world at large supporting our MOAI Business & Claims.

    Take Notice that Queen Elizabeth11 is no longer the Sovereign of New Zealand and the New Zealand Government is enforcing Fraudulent Documents of Crown Title Ownership when there is NO CROWN. The New Zealand Governor General ANAND SATYANAND & Prime Minister JOHN KEY are FRAUD have not informed the QUEEN about the ILLEGAL Operation of the SUPREME COURT of New Zealand that Prince William opened in 18th January 2010 without recognition to King William IV who is Prince Williams Inheritor Namesake who issued the International Sovereign State Trading Flag Protectorate passed through the House of Commons holding True Constitution and Founding Documents of New Zealand and its Pacific Islands where we Trade. As the Authority Legal Advocate of New Zealand I make this Statement of Claim that the 1902 New Zealand Union Jack Flag has NO SEAL of Approval from Britain’s House of Commons Parliament and NO FOUNDING DOCUMENTS to support its Sovereignty ILLEGAL Fisheries Permits your Japanese Government is illegally operating under in the South Pacific Region of our International Treaty Boundary CLAIM Area. You have no TRUE LEGAL RIGHT to be whaling in MOAI waters. You MUST REMOVE all your WHALING OPERATIONS Forthwith. Your Japanese Government will be BILL DEBT CHARGED by our COUNCIL of CHIEFS if you continue HUNT WHALES after today’s Issue of this Warning Notice. Your names & Photographs will be published for CLASS ACTION CASES and Charged in GOLD BULLION EQUITY to the value the MOAI Council sees fit to Charge back dated to the first day the first day year of operations the Japanese Whaling started in these MOAI Spiritual Sacred Marked Title High Seas waters. Please prepare for International Court hearings for these matters now!

    Please take NOTICE that MOAI STATUE stands outside the front door of the APEC Asian and Pacific Economic Community Head Office Building. This is the Property of the MOAI WANOA People of New Zealand. Rai’atea Island and Te Pito O Te Henua Island in Rapanui or Easter Island NATIVE TITLE! Japan Prime Minister and Country’s people you are ignorant of our NATIVE CUSTOMAEY MOAI, MORIORI and MA’ORI TIKANGA MOAI LORES! For this you should be ashamed of your countrymen for following PAKEHA WHITEMAN COLONIST FRAUD CROWN LEADERS Plunderers of Whales and our KAITIAKI MOAI GODS Oceans Pacific! YOU Offend TIKANGA MOAI LORE Interests! YOU RAPING the Sea ORDERS of foreign persons. You the Japanese should have more respect to conserve regenerate fish stocks of NATIVES in our Country given by GOD to us as GAURDIANS of these OCEANS. What is your Japanese Prime Ministers response to jumping off a cliff if the Whiteman told you to for the sake of money COMMERCIAL LAW forced over our MOAI GODS LORE Conversationalist are no good Japanese ATTITUDES towards TANGAROA and our MOAI GODS? You have one of our Stole MOAI in your Country! Why you break GODS PURE unwritten LORE JAPAN PM?

    Please respect our TAONGA and go back to your own Seas and CLEAN UP your POLLUTION! It’s not looking good for you in the eyes of MOAI GODS GRACE AUTHORITY of the Wanoa People of Te Pito O Te Henua Island – Rapanui Island Country of (Easter Island), Rai’atea Island Country in Tahiti, and Polynesian Sacred Triangle Country’s Head Title State of NA ATUA E WA AOTEA or AOTEA Country of (Aotearoa – New Zealand).

    MOAI Sovereign Chiefs expect Japanese PM Release Peter Bethune pending MOAI Sovereign State International Waters Class Action Case

    1835 Declaration Independence Sovereign Trade Flag
    MOAI Regards

    John Wanoa

    MOAI Customary Legal Advocate Royal Assignee Equity Kooti Auckland New Zealand MOAI Gods Wanoa Peoples Title-Yukio Haroyama Japan PM

    Founding Director Tidal Turbine Design Engineer Auckland New Zealand South Pacific Phone Auckland NZ 0064 9 9400552 Mob 0064 27 2813963


  24. tough breaks guys. big ships sometimes hurt little boats that tease and get in the way, and hinder their work, and attempt to cause damage to large ships with ropes in screws.
    lucy no one became kreel in those same screws.
    if whale meat is as bad as you claim, why not put pressure on the Jgovernment to stop poisoning their children. last i thought about it i consider CHILDREN more important than whales. but i guess that is just where YOUR values are.
    which i respect.
    ha ! NOT !

    1. Japan has over 4000 tonnes(yes it’s spelled corrrectly)frozen and gets the meat and blubber of 175 Minke Whales shipped to it each year from Iceland. They hunt only for export!! There is NO DEMAND AT HOME!!Several loads are caught being shipped thru europe. This is in addition to the almost 1000 whales that the Japanese are trying to kill themselves. Japan kills whales because they dont want to be told what to do by the 88 Nation IWC. Japan has even been caught buying votes at the IWC convention in June of 2010. Without the Sea Shepards there would not be a whale in the entire ocean.

  25. wow!!!!!!! It wasn’t even that long ago that they got that new boat. In interviews from when they got it, they all seemed to be pretty impressed with it. Hopefully the get another one soon to keep fighting for the whales!

  26. oh im so sorry for the whales . i dont understand u stupid peopel they kill whales and so what whale is a fish and nothink wrong by killing whales .i hope next time japanese kill them all su they will not go out on sea any more. if u see all those stupid peopel who are trying to stop the japanese fishing boats are all loosers they have no job no life and they go out to sea.

  27. you guys need to do whatever you can to make our animals safe and not endangered you guys are doing awesome trust me don’t listen to the people that say you are doing a crapy job if it keeps our animals from disappearing than sweet keep on the kick ass work OK

  28. as any rational person can observe, extremists do not apply critical thinking to their evaluations of a given situation. The Whale Wars Capt. is known as a notorious liar in feeble attempts to further his cause. Don’t any of you remember the faked shooting ?? Or the high seas trespassers who illegaly boarded a ship and then were reported as “kidnapped” Why don’t you who support this so called cause hold your advocates to at least some standard of truth ?

    1. terrorists and extremists are the fishermen,and nutless homos like you,they skin the animal while its still alive what more extreme terror could you possibly inflict on the poor brute.notoriously feeble,thats your pecker on a Friday night asshole your wife told me when she was 33$@% my %$^#$@#…you will be the first people whining when the ocean is a stagnant cesspool,where did all the fish go?,why didn’t somebody do something?wank wank whine.

  29. Could someone from the Ady Gil please explain that if your captain was indeed backing up as Paul Watson claims, then why is there cavitation directly astern to their vessel? If it was indeed in reverse, the cavitation would by towards the bow or at least in front of the propellers.

  30. The Japanese kill 1,000 whales a year and 24,000 dolphins brutally. Dolphin and whale meat are poisonous with high levels of mercury. Japanese government serves whale and dolphin meat to public schools because the demand for it falls each year. The Japanese whalers kill protected whales in a whale sanctuary. It takes 45 minutes for the whalers to kill a single whale.

  31. I only wish it would have been the Sea Shepards main boat that was sunk with the crew on board. They are pirates and terrorists. They need to be arrested and sent to GITMO. The Japanese are just fishing making a living, and the tactics used by the Sea Shepard are cowardly and dangerous. If the Japanese would hire me I would go out on their ships with them and take a gun. If the pirates attacked or got in out way of fishing I would open fire on them. The Sea Sheppards crew are losers and criminals that need to be stopped. Anyone giving them money and supporting their cause is supporting Terrorism and Piracy. These people should be prosecuted as well.
    Russell Sapp

    1. in WHAT WAY are the tactic employed by the sea shepherd dangerous? Butyric acid to make things stinky (oh the HORROR) and the occasional tangle rope.

      The whalers are breaking an international LAW that BANS commercial whaling, and even if it weren't against the law, the whalers have a quota of 935 Minke whales per SEASON. These whales are endangered and they want to kill 935 a season?!

      There's no doubt that the Japanese are trying to make a living, but they are doing something against the law. Both groups are doing something against the law, but the sea shepherds aren't getting paid for it, they are putting themselves in harms way to protect precious animals in a strictly non-violent way and are met with violence at every turn from the whaling fleet.

      Paul even offered to assist the Japanese in the search for one of their crew who had fallen overboard, and the Japanese refused! The Sea Shepherds even turned around to return to port while the whalers searched for their crew member, but then one of the Yushin Maru started following them.. INSTEAD OF CONTINUING TO LOOK FOR THEIR FALLEN CREW MEMBER, this harpoon boat was following the Steve Irwin!

      Anyone supporting the japanese whalers and their continued assault against whales need to be stopped. This is an extreme act of eco-terrorism and has been banned by an international treaty.. they aren't using the whales for science.. if they were.. THEY'D ONLY NEED ONE FUCKING WHALE, NOT 935! WAKE UP!

    2. go suck some Japanese dick you miserable muthr fukr,you hunters are the terrorists,and like it or not this shit is gonna stop ,even if we have to start cutting your fukn throats,you worthless homos go through life concerned only with yourselves and your worthless family,you don’t have the stones to take a shot at anybodyterrorism and piracy<what load of drama are you a cop?you sound like one,you my friend are the loser,so shut your hole and go back to plucking on your computer from moms basement.,prosecute this sapp…..they are trying to preserve these creatures who are being wiped out while you stuff your fat ass with all you can eat shrimp.people like you should kill themselves,you are the type of person that is cruel to cats and shoots birds I know the type ,jefferey dahmer comes to mind.

  32. Are you kidding me? You idiots dive in front of a ship, and expect it to stop? Do me a favor. Try the same thing with your bus on train tracks. The crew of the Sea Shepherd should be renamed “The Gang That Couldn’t Steer Straight”. Pirates you are, and a pirates death you deserve, but even pirates aren’t as stupid as this crew.

  33. Are you kidding me the Adi Gil obviously cut across the bow of the whaler. Just because your an extreme activist doesn’t make you right about everything. Wake up this Sea Shepard group is going beyond reg. protest and causing danger to life and property by there actions if you would just read the statement above by one of your own….Jeff Hansen, Australian director of Sea Shepherd, said the Ady Gil had come to a stop in front of the Shonan Maru 2 vessel…..wow even Jeff says that they “stopped in front of the Maru 2”. Seems to me its there fault no matter how one sided you are….

    1. you guy are all stupid. Remember that the Ady Gil was low on Fuel and was waiting to be refueled. Also the Ady Gil prop fowled the Nissian Maru (the fctory ship). The ship that collided with the Ady Gil was the Shonan Maru. By maritime law the vessel on the port side must yield to the vessel on the starboard side (which was the Ady Gil).

    2. you are stupid. they came to a stop because they were nearly out of gas and didnt want to use anymore because they needed it to go up to the Bob Barker to refuel. wow. do you really think that this planet would be better without whales? think about it.

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