Japan Earthquake Update: Ship With 100 people, Passenger Train Still Missing

A ship carrying about 100 people was swept away by the huge tsunami that hit Japan on Friday and its fate was unknown, public broadcaster NHK reported, citing Miyagi prefecture police.

The ship was owned by a shipbuilder in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, said Kyodo News.

There is also a passenger train with an unknown number of people aboard which is still unaccounted for in the tsunami-hit part of coastal Japan. Police also claim they have found 200, 300 bodies on the coast of Sendai.

No further information was immediately available from Japanese media.

Millions of people in greater Tokyo were stranded far away from home on Friday evening after Japan’s Earthquake shut down the capital’s massive subway system.

Countless workers found themselves stuck far from their families and unable to speak to them because the overloaded mobile phone system could not carry most calls.

Telephone lines are not working and the subway has completely stopped. I think Tokyo is very fragile right now,” said Shintoku Arita, 35.

The government is using loudspeaker alerts and TV broadcasts to urge people to stay near their workplaces rather than risk a long walk home.

The quake was the largest ever to hit Japan, the fifth-strongest tremor worldwide since 1900 and the seventh-strongest in history, according to the US Geological Survey and Japanese seismologists.

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