Mass Bird & Fish Deaths Caused by Hydraulic Fracking & Earthquakes?

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Jeremy Bloom of our sister site Red, Green, and Blue has a great follow-up to the mass bird death story that gets into the very likely possibility that the deaths are related to hydraulic fracking (the top possibility in my mind) as well as other interesting topics. Here’s the intro:

Alfred Hitchcock must be smiling. Officials are still telling people the recent fish and bird deaths in Arkansas and Louisiana are perfectly normal – while also admitting they have no idea what really caused the die-offs.

Stepping into that information vacuum, bloggers are asking if there’s a link between the deaths and nearby natural gas fracking operations. Fracking can release toxic chemicals into the water supply, and there are more than 3,000 wells scattered across the region.

This part of Arkansas has been suffering from a plague of earthquakes. And while experts are claiming no connection between the fracking and the quakes, that’s not convincing many locals

For the full story, read: Is Fracking Causing Blackbird Deaths and Earthquakes?

The possibility of fracking being the root cause of the deaths in Arkansas also might help to explain why this is not only happening in Arkansas. Fracking has exploded in recent years in the U.S. (no pun intended) and probably in other places as well.

While many consider gas a greener alternative to coal (what isn’t cleaner than coal?), it still has many negative ramifications, serious ones. You can probably add mass bird and fish deaths to the list now, which is concerning enough, but the effects of fracking on human health is what’s really making people nervous (or worse).

As you can see in the graph above, fracking has skyrocketed since mid-2009. We are getting more and more news every day about the serious effects this is having on human health and the environment. Only expect more.

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Akransas map image via ProAmLib

Fracking graph via Energy Market Perspective [PDF]

9 thoughts on “Mass Bird & Fish Deaths Caused by Hydraulic Fracking & Earthquakes?”

  1. It occurred to me after watching the Documentary “Gas Lands” today, that this was exactly what is killing the birds, fish and .. well.. everything and everyone. The FRACING CHEMICALS are extremely toxic. In the film, you see the gas companies contaminating peoples water sources to the extent the water becomes FLAMMABLE.

    SO I’m looking for a map of all gas wells in the country…

  2. If I was going to blame anything for these unusual mass die offs it would be the pervasive use of microwave and electormagnetic energy (cell phones, computers, satelite communications, smart meters, etc.) that are interfering with the animals ability to navigate. Birds use the earth’s magnetic field to direct their flight. They have receptors in their eyes and beaks (depending on the species) that can detect the magnetic field. This one way that they migrate over vast distances. Screw with this and you confuse the birds causing them to fly into the ground. H.A.A.R.P. has been active all over the world with activities directed at manipulating the weather. Three governments are involved in supercharging the ionosphere and then directing concetrated microwave energy back to earth useing satelites positioned in back of the supercharged areas. It’s like a kid with a magnifying glass. This is killing the fish. Snappers in New Zealand with their eyes burned out? Think about it.

    1. i haven’t seen maps of hydraulic fracking in these places, but the process has exploded in the past couple years & I’m sure it is going on in a lot of other places it wasn’t long ago

  3. Help needed- the salt around the world some of it 15,000 thick, some rising, some flowing like a salt glacier is the key to finding huge oil fields on planet earth.
    The salt was “flat” when it dropped from solution. Mass mvement and melting and reflowing changed the location of the salt.
    I am interested in the salt cap of the Ghrwar , Saudi Arabian oil field, that produces 8% of the worlds oil.
    There are other large undersalt oil fields, but the salt layers are distorted and hard to read.
    The salt also has an age of formation that gets younger as you go counterclockwise around Africa.
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  4. Oh God, how do I explain the problem?
    You have people drilling a 3 million dollar well and then drill under everybody’s property in a big circle.
    The high pressure and sand and chemicals [fracking] opens the shale and “some” metnane gas comes out.
    When the drilling stops-“The methane stops.”
    You are left with polution, air and water and these usless holes in the ground.

    The accountants have told the gas companies that they will have “negative equity” when all the drilling is done.

    They are not finding an acquifer of suitable porosity-holes, big enough for the gas to flow through, a reservoir of great capacity. No what they have is an overeducated person telling them haw much gas is in the marcellus Shale. Well guess what someone told the German scientists that there was tremendous amounts of gold in seawater. They did’nt waste much time on that venture ,but they did get oil from coal!

    The swamp mud that became the shale is a “Basin liner.”

    The swamp then filled in during the next 235 million years – from the carboniferous 360 mya to about 125 mya .
    The period saw many coal layers [7 or more] that are the suns energy stored in the coal.
    Thats where our Applachians coal fields are, and we should drill, dewater and use the methane.

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