Investigating Police Spies of Climate Activists

Not long ago, it was revealed that the UK police force had spies infiltrating climate activism groups in order to set them up and gather evidence on them. While one of the most famous, Mark Kennedy-Stone, actually seems to have changed sides after years of involvement with climate activist groups (as a spy), the method being used by police on non-violent activist groups concerned about the future of our planet and human livability is an issue of great concern. While police-led inquiries are being carried out, these are clearly inadequate and climate activists are calling for an independent judge-led inquiry.

Here’s more from no police spies (received via email):

A campaign has been launched to call for an independent judge-led inquiry into the undercover surveillance of environmental protesters. It needs YOUR help!

The ongoing exposure of undercover police officers, including Mark Kennedy-Stone, reveals the serious abuse of police power against environmental (and other) protesters. Big questions about police operations now demand answers – an independent judicial inquiry must be launched.

The three police-led inquiries which have already been announced are completely inadequate for addressing the serious issues which have come to light. A failing police force should not be allowed to investigate its own misconduct behind closed doors.

To show your support for the campaign, please LIKE the Facebook petition page, which can be found here:!/NoPoliceSpies

The page also has lots of information and links about the case.

Join in the fun on the facebook page above and stay tuned for more updates on this wild and wacky topic.

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Photo Credit: Stéfan

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