Introducing The Sierra Club AddUp App.

The Sierra Club AddUp app helps people promote crowdsource environmental activism.


The Sierra Club AddUp app is designed to enable and empower members. The more you visit and make your voice heard — whether by signing petitions, tweeting for change, recruiting your friends, or attending a rally — the better the AddUp app gets at suggesting actions that matter to you. It will also show you how your activism fits into the bigger picture and adds up to real-world results.

“Technology is nothing.” Apple founder Steve Jobs once said. “What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” The AddUp app is designed to make those wonderful things possible. According to Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune,

“We built AddUp because we believe that Sierra Club activists deserve the best tool possible for doing good work, but that’s not the only reason. We also built it because too much is at stake for us to be anything less than comprehensive in our advocacy.”

“Whether we’re trying to save a remote wilderness or transform the global energy economy, we have to bring everything we’ve got to the fight. Sometimes that means lobbying legislators. Sometimes it means running a creative media campaign. Sometimes it means mounting a legal challenge, thoughtful civil disobedience, or all of the above.”

The AddUp app will help anyone interested in environmental action to join his or her voice with thousands or even tens of thousands like minded individuals. As Brune says, “The current Congress… easily the most hostile to environmental values in my lifetime. Meanwhile, some of the world’s wealthiest corporations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year to protect their ability to pollute with no regard for any future beyond their next quarterly earnings report.”

Now with the AddUp app, instead of feeling helpless against such powerful interests, you can add your voice to many others to fight for the outcomes that are important to you and which the Earth so desperately needs. Michael Brune invites you to check out the AddUp app and “help us crowdsource the power we need to do wonderful things.”

Source: Sierra Club  /  Graphic by Sandra Dionisi


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