Climate science, though it tells us what we might not like to hear, is extremely, extremely valuable. Thousands of extremely intelligent, hard-working, honest, and love-worthy climate scientists study and do research on the climate every day so that we can all live in a safer, more enjoyable world.

Of course, the fossil fuel industry and its many puppets (oily think tanks, politicians, and even confused citizens) have gone off the wall and been threatening, framing, and intimidating climate scientists in recent years.

In an effort to get the world on a saner, more livable route, some good folks at Climate Nexus have created the I Heart Climate Scientists (or I <3 Climate Scientists) Facebook page. On this special Valentine’s Day, share your love of climate scientists and climate science by heading over to the page above and hitting the “Like” button—sorry, Facebook still doesn’t offer a “Love button” (surprisingly).

(There’s also a Twitter hastag for you those of you who prefer or also use Twitter: #iheartclimatescientists.)

Here’s more on the page and the situation today from Climate Nexus:

“Climate change deniers are sending hate mail and threats to dedicated climate scientists working to protect our families, finances and future. Show these hardworking experts some love — even digital hugs count this Valentine’s Day. Remind them their work is valuable, their opinions respected, and that they are not alone.”

Yep, we’ve covered all the threats many times before—so sad it continues. Let’s make sure these scientists also know they’re loved.

Image via Climate Progress

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