I Prefer to Buy People's Votes (VIDEO)

If only they were so honest. But, when the oil company and its shills can’t be, a grassroots effort to reveal them can be. Following up on the video at the bottom of the page, where a climate activist punked a fossil fuel astroturfing campaign, here’s a video from Greenpeace’s Polluter Watch campaign that tells it like it is.. after the beginning stage-setting:

More on the inspiration for this video from Climate Progress:

The American Petroleum Institute rolled out it’s latest multi-media assault this week to convince voters and politicians to continue supporting the fossil-fueled status quo. The campaign comes just as the primary election season reaches a fever pitch, and is designed to keep political hopefuls focused on “brown jobs.”

API’s newest television ad, which supposedly portrays grassroots supporters expressing their love of oil and gas, was recently shown by undercover activists to be nothing more than a scripted job. Not much of a surprise, perhaps.

Hopefully, this video from Greenpeace/Polluter Watch will go viral. We don’t have the funds of Big Oil to throw at TV networks across the country.

Here’s that other video mentioned at the top of the page and in Climate Progress’ quote, if you missed that:

Helo get the word out about the fossil fuel industry’s astroturfing and these humorous videos by sharing the post on your top social networking channels! (That is, facebook, reddit, Google+, etc.)

And if you want to get even more involved in combating the millions the oil, gas, and coal industry spend on lobbying and misinformation, contact Greenpeace’s Polluter Watch people about your options.

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