Hunt Regulatory Authority to be Like FIFA?

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Yes, the international soccer organization FIFA. Apparently, hunting has become very unpopular with the general public. To try to pull people over to its side, the Hunt Regulatory Authority in the UK is saying that it is going to change some things and be more like FIFA. What?

Here’s more from the League Against Cruel Sports:

Following the publication of our responses from MPs that showed there are a majority who would vote against a repeal of the Hunting Act, I have been interested to see the reaction from the Countryside Alliance.

Their new Chief Executive, Alice Barnard, has declared that the Hunt Regulatory Authority that is planned to oversee and regulate hunting if it was repealed would “be like FIFA”. I would be interested to know how the worldwide regulating body for football would feel about being likened to bloodsports. I can’t imagine that they will be too happy about it.

FIFA’s mission is “to contribute towards building a better future for the world by using the power and popularity of football”. I am not too sure how this can compare with an organisation created to legalise the killing of animals in the name of ‘sport’ which can in no way be seen to build a better future for the world through worldwide popularity.

FIFA states that its mission guides everything that it does as football is an integrated part of society. Can the hunters honestly claim that their sport is an ‘integrated part of society’?

It’s time the Countryside Alliance stop trying to find credibility for a regulatory authority seemingly set up and paid for by the hunters which cannot be considered to be independent or transparent. This is simply a poor attempt by the hunters to throw a veil of respectability around their cruel and outdated sport.

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2 thoughts on “Hunt Regulatory Authority to be Like FIFA?”

  1. “This is simply a poor attempt by the hunters to throw a veil of respectability around their cruel and outdated sport.”

    100% right, and I write this as a farmer and as a countryman born and bred who hates hare coursing, fox hunting, stag chasing, etc. We must keep them banned for ever.

  2. Well said! The hunts will try anything to appear as rational decent people but they are not fooling anyone. It is well known that they breed foxes via artificial earths and then pretend to be pest controllers. They claim to take out only the old and the sick and yet they salivate every year over cubbing season. The practice of hare-coursing – watching an animal being pulled at both ends in the teeth of two snarling dogs – is a scene you might expect in a Roman stadium in a darker period of history. Hunt Regulatory Authority? Ah yes – lets organise the sadists so they can terrify animals with impunity. Unbelievable…

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