How We're Killing Our Kids (& Ourselves)… But Don't Care

If a mass shooting occurs at an elementary school, the whole country (and even much of the world) pays notice. And we focus on the news and what to do about it for days, or even weeks or months.

No complaint here at all! I think it’s an important matter that deserves our attention, and I do give it mine.

However, what’s absurd to me is that we’re committing mass murder on a daily basis and almost no one is paying any attention or working to solve the problem.

OK, not “almost no one” — there are millions of people working around the US and around the globe to advance clean energybicycling, energy efficiencyelectric vehicles, smart city planning, ecologically friendly agriculture and food choices, and more. However, the vast majority still give it a passing glance and say they don’t have enough time, money, or common sense for it.

Let’s get into some economics.

Our Water, Food, Ecological Systems Worth Trillions… Or More

United Nations goodwill ambassador Pavan Sukhdev, formerly of Deutsche Bank, has noted that nature needs a seat at the boardroom, stating: “Ignoring nature’s value risks ‘mayhem’ for corporations and mankind in the rush for profits and finite resources.”

There have been many ideas and attempts to calculate nature’s worth, and given that we rely on nature for food, water, electricity, our many goods,… um, life… the value has been projected to be quite high.

If you want more info along these lines, dig into some of those reports. Some will tell you $72 trillion a year (about the same as Gross World Product), some will tell you more more, some less. Or if you want to know more about ecological surveys for specific areas near you, simply contact a consulting agency that can provide those.

But seriously, without a livable climate, without the basics of human life, we die.

And so do our children.

And so do our grandchildren.

Unfortunately, that’s where we’re headed. Where’s the uproar? Where’s the nationwide or global focus on solutions? Each human life, one can easily argue, is priceless. But we’re treating them as worthless.

So, getting worked up about amass shooting is warranted, but it’s completely absurd that the world isn’t worked up about the many lives we sacrifice every day.

Why We Don’t Care

I’m sure there are different reasons why the majority of Americans (and probably humans) rank environmental matters so low. Here are a few that cross my mind:

  • we think the harm we’re causing to our food and water systems, and to our climate, will somehow not affect us;
  • we don’t see most of the pollution we create, so we forget about it;
  • the issue is more abstract than, say, our jobs and finances… that is, until it’s hard to afford food, find clean water, or avoid extremely destructive ‘natural’ disasters that result from global warming;
  • we feel helpless in the face of it all — well, that is why we still live in caves, labor endlessly under kings and queens, treat black people as property, and treat women as less important than men, right?

But these reasons don’t change the fact that we, indeed, lose many lives every day to pollution; and that we could very possibly extinguish the human species if we don’t get global warming and climate change under control.

It’s no joke. Are you ready to join the effort millions are engaged in to turn the minority into the majority? To protect our children and grandchildren from disease, lack of food and water, and death?

If so, start today by sharing this post!

2 thoughts on “How We're Killing Our Kids (& Ourselves)… But Don't Care”

  1. The slow but continuos polar shift , the volcanos plus earthquake, is happening for reasons we even dont know for sure , and scientist know we are not causing this , when a person take care about trees they get fruits of it , if they don t they may be just got few , if i clean my place, im gonna be heathy , at the time i can get some extra money selling my trash, if i turn on a gasoline motor i contaminating my place and my family and my self , solar panels are better if we want to keep a clean environment , but anyways thats for our healthy and good life ,, but the truth is that nature dont really care about it ,,, co2 is food for trees (greenhouses growers inject co2 to get better plants) , 80% of oxygen came from oceans, , in other hand oceans are over heating and humans have nothing to do with this (is not cause human activity if you think so, i respect that but you r wrong sorry ,,, , be green helps us , as well the industry that sales smoke boxes , microbe to seed your water treatment , new electric equipment , o pollution? new cars , and a bunch of things you r gonna buy cause you r bad and you are killing you and you r kids , many of this things you are able to do it are very simple but are not legals today cause you don t have all the need license , did you get the point ,, (no you don t ) is sad but ok 4 u ,,, please give us a break top guys don t even you have an idea how is this working , in a while they are gonna arresting them selfs , Are the people writing this been payed 4 the industry or they really think like that, ,, nature ll recycles everything you trow it , we are killing our families since we live in a for wall house in a new separatist system, families 60 years ago use to stay together that mean strong child , they use to have a culture , (plus the tv and the absence of parents ) who is gonna teach them the teachers , please you know the teachers as poor as us , now instead get a land to grow your food you got a expensive tiny peace of land where you cant plant , rise animals , or no even do a water well but one have to pay for this free natural resources , some one put it in a pipe , well don t live where the pipes are but the river , WHAt are they gonna charge for that too , ? see , no freedom , no god will but imperialist will

    , Now we r talking about kill cultures family plus nature resources , sadly you could write a book with all this non sense hi society stupid way of thinking , they r so far away to see the truth and so close to end their ways ,, even if they got a hybrid car,,, so sad.. good luck get green you have always be , just take care about think by

  2. FYI: i haven’t owned an automobile in about 8 years (travel by foot, bike, occasionally mass transit, or very occasionally carpooling). i’m vegetarian / borderline vegan. i live in a very small, energy-efficient apartment. And i take plenty of other measures to live a low-pollution life.

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