How to Fix Your Bike in an On-Street Emergency

You’re halfway home on a Friday evening and looking forward to a quick pint at your local, when disaster strikes. Slowing down at a set of lights, a momentary lapse of attention by the rider behind you sees him edge his front wheel into the rear of your bike, catching your derailleur in his spokes. The consequences are a buckled front wheel for him, and a broken rear mech for you.

That’s the intro to a great piece over on BikeRadar on how to fix your bike in on-street emergencies. The article covers a handful of common and not-so-common problems and how to fix them, nice pictures included. The problems it covers include:

  1. Loose jockey wheels
  2. Badly slashed tire
  3. Bent rear mech or gear hanger
  4. Broken rear mech or gear hanger
  5. Bolt-on repairs
  6. No spare tubes
  7. Broken seatpost clamp
  8. Tire removal

Check it out to avoid having to walk, catch a bus, or feel lame if something goes wrong on the street. Not many things are so empowering of fixing your bike if something goes wrong — that little machine can transport you across the city or even around the world if you have an adventurous spirit.

Along with tips on how to fix the above problems, the article also covers three important preparatory tips and comes up with a “survival kit” it recommends any biker have. Check it out: Workshop: Emergency bike fixes.

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