How Music Festivals Can Save You Money While Saving the Planet


You’re going to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this year. You’re psyched. You’ve dropped over $100 on a three-day ticket, but you know Pitchfork always puts on a good show so it’s well worth the price for you.

Unfortunately, you live in Peoria and drive a 2003 Ford Explorer. A quick search on Illinois Tollway’s toll calculator tells you to expect to pay $20.40 in tolls, round trip. Parking, if you can find it, might cost you as much as $40 a day in downtown Chicago. And AAA’s fuel cost calculator says you’ll be dropping around $100 on gas alone. Suddenly, it dawns on you that your total transportation costs might come to $240 to see a $100 show.

Fortunately, Pitchfork is cutting you a break this year. The festival is partnering with Amovens to provide fans with a ridesharing network. Ridesharing, like public transportation, is one of the easiest ways for travelers to reduce their carbon footprints while saving money.

Carbon conscious person that you are, you’re already splitting the ride with a friend, so maybe your transportation costs aren’t so bad. But your Explorer seats seven people, leaving you five open seats you could sell to other Pitchfork fans. Suddenly, instead of paying $240 or $120 in transportation costs, you’re paying only $35. Of course, with some people willing to pay you up to $40 round trip, there’s even the potential for you to make a small profit on your roadtrip.

But maybe you don’t have a car. Since there’s almost no public transportation between Peoria and Chicago, you’re faced with having to rent a vehicle for the weekend, an even more expensive option. On the other hand, you could look for a driver on Amovens’ network, and save yourself the additional hassle.

It’s not just Pitchfork that’s pitching in. The Vans Warped TourSummer Meltdown, and others are providing fans with Amovens’ powered ridesharing networks for the first time this year. You’ll even be able to find a ride to your favorite summer show with your iPhone. And some, like Summer Meltdown, have been giving away tickets or backstage passes to fans who agree to carpool.

If high gas prices had you thinking about skipping out on your summer music scene, there’s no reason worry. Chances are, your favorite shows are already part of the ridesharing revolution. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by taking more fans with you, and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

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  1. Great ride share idea, but what about when you get there and cannot take your
    own water bottle or food, you have to buy from vendors who all package the provisions in single use plastics, water bottles , cups, straws, plastic wrapped sandwiches, what about this point, can someone take the time to consider this. Thanks.

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