How Far Would You Walk For Clean Water? [Video]

Can you imagine wanting a drink of water or wanting to wash your dishes or clothes, but not having the water to do it? One in six people worldwide lack access to clean water,.. what if that one was you? To raise awareness to this growing problem, Amizade hosted its 4th annual water walk this past weekend.

“The average woman in Tanzania will walk three hours a day for just 40 liters of water. When women and children are doing these walks, they’re not in school, they’re not running businesses, and they’re not teaching their children, explains Brandon Blache-Cohen the executive director of Amizade.

Across the globe, more than one billion people face this problem everyday.

“It’s a fundraiser and last year we raised $8,000, which was enough to help build a very large rainwater harvesting container. It’s big enough to bring clean water to over 300 children in a school,” adds Blache-Cohen.

Participants in the Water Walk took orange buckets down to the river, filled them up, and then walked back to the starting point to symbolize the journey that African women and children take everyday, just to get fresh water.

“Once people get on the walk and get that orange bucket full with water its going to be a lot heavier than they realize and it’s really going to put you in the shows of the women and little children who are carrying these buckets for miles and miles,” says volunteer Molly Drescher.

The organization that ran the event is also planning trips to Africa to help build water reserves and volunteer, you can find more information and ways to donate at Amizade.

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Photo Credit: Julien Harneis

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