House of Representatives Still Drinking Bottled Water, Costing U.S. Nearly $1 Million a Year

While our country’s leaders ‘try to tackle’ the world’s biggest problems, they contribute to a number of them, too. For example, Corporate Accountability International reports that the House of Representatives spent $860,000 in one year alone on bottled water (almost $2,000 per House member), despite the availability of cheaper, greener options. That money could have purchased 4,000 water fountains! Seriously, how are they spending so much on water?

Looking for a way to cut wasteful spending? (Of course, this isn’t going to solve our economic problems, but it sure would be a helpful step to cut this wasteful, harmful spending.)

DC Water’s George Hawkins has challenged the House to go bottled-water-free now and has actually offered to give each member of Congress reusable bottles and free water quality testing. Here’s a video of him talking about some of these issues.

A few members have caught on — 16 Congressional offices are reducing spending on bottled water now — but not the large majority of them.

If you aren’t one of the over 65,000 who have signed a petition to the House in the last week to drop bottled water, sign the petition here now:

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Photo Credit: Mr. T in DC

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