Hopping Mad! French Bus Driver Faces Sack for Frog Rescue


A French bus driver working in Germany has been suspended from work after she stopped her double-decker bus to save a frog from being flattened under the wheels.

Passengers, already hopping mad because of a 20-minute delay, were incensed when Christina Pommerel, 46, jumped from her seat, rescued the frog, put it in a box and set it free on the side of the road.

Ms Pommerel, who has been driving buses for 13 years in the southern German city of Regensburg, told German daily Die Welt, “I couldn’t just squash it. I did my job and saved a life.”

However, furious passengers didn’t share such a positive view of the magnanimous rescue mission, and one miserable specimen even complained to the bus company, which promptly suspended the driver.

According to company representative Maximilian Jobst, “If the bus was already late and the passengers were angry and I then picked up a frog, I would have to ask myself if I was in the wrong job”

However, following a media uproar and messages of support for the driver, the company has softened its tone. The frog-loving driver can now start work, but only if she promises not to carry out any more mercy missions in future.

Image Credit – avmaier via flickr

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