Hoover Dam Tour (+ Snapshot Of Extreme Drought In Colorado River Basin)

Last year, ABB hosted me on a tour of the Hoover Dam. It was not as big as I expected, but still amazingly impressive, especially when you considered when it was built.

The first video below covers the dam a bit. However, some of the more amazing points made to me concerned global warming and climate change. The tour guide was willing to step aside for a moment and I filmed her discussing some regional matters related to those global concerns.

Below each of the videos.

A 13-year drought — wow. And the last 2 years of the drought have been the worst 2 years on record for the last 100 years.

Also, if you didn’t catch it, the water supply and demand study the tour guide mentioned is the “Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study,” and it notes that, if things don’t change, the region is going to see a shortfall of 3.2 million acre feed in about 50 years.

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