Honoring Those Who Spent Their Lives Saving Seeds


Eat Drink Better had a great post recently on a movement and people who have worked so diligently to save large numbers of the world’s seed species from going extinct. Here’s the intro:

“As we fret over the increasing loss of biodiversity through extinction , we can be thankful for the dedication of a few individuals who spent almost every waking moment devoted to saving it. And they haven’t stopped yet. Gathering, Memoir of a Seed Saveris the autobiography of Diane Ott Whealy, co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange.  It is the story about a life committed to saving the seeds of thousands of plants, most of them edible, to ensure they would not disappear, all while homesteading and raising five children.”

Read more on Eat Drink Better:

Gathering: A Life Spent Saving Our Seeds From Extinction

Photo Credit: Urban Artichoke

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