Honda Power Exporter 9000 — Use CHAdeMO-Compatible EVs As Generators

Those interested in occasionally using their electric car as a portable generator will soon have a new option in that regard, when Honda releases the Power Exporter 9000.

The new offering is, essentially, just a means of allowing electric vehicles (EVs) that feature CHAdeMO fast-charger compatibility to function as backup generators — feeding AC electricity back to whatever it is that you’re wanting to power. The selling point of this device will pretty clearly be that, by making use of a standard ChADEMO plug, it’s easy to send electricity back into the grid or your home or business.

Reportedly, the Honda Power Exporter 9000 will allow owners of, say, a Honda hydrogen fuel cell concept car, to get around 9 kilowatts (kW) of electric current out of the vehicle for around a week straight. Well, this is according to a Honda rep — real-world performance is something that is still somewhat opaque to my eyes.

Pricing information for the offering has yet to be revealed; but the company has revealed that there will be bundle deals featuring the Power Exporter 9000 and the company’s upcoming hydrogen fuel cell car. Both of these two products are expected to launch sometime in early 2016.

Given the association with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology, I admit that I remain a bit skeptical of the offering — I just can’t seem to make myself see the purpose of hydrogen cars. Why not simply stick with gas-mobiles if one doesn’t wish to go electric. What’s the advantage to a hydrogen car?

On the subject of use with EVs, though, I’m cautiously curious — if the product performs according to company claims, then it could well be worth purchasing, presuming the pricing isn’t overly high.

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