High Gas Prices Putting Canadians on Bikes & in Zipcars (+ Top Green Living Stories)

Cities around the world have blossoming bike sharing programs. But unlike blossoming flowers, these programs will both make people smile AND reduce their allergies. How, exactly? Well, increasing allergies is one result of global climate change. And bicycling for transportation purposes is one of the best options for combating climate change.

Lady using bixi bike-sharing program in Toronto.

Toronto, Canada is one city that has embraced bicycling quite a bit and has a young bike-sharing program in place. Combining those with some good car-sharing programs as well, a number of citizens are now saving thousands by dropping one or more of their own cars and driving less. A recent Canadian Business piece featured such residents as well as some of the car-sharing and bike-sharing options in the city.

Here are some more top green living posts of the past few days or so:

Bikes & Transport

  1. LOOK: Amazing Pics From Carless ‘Summer Streets’
  2. Copenhagenize’s Top Five Bicycle Monuments
  3. BYD E6 and the EV Range Solution
  4. UTC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sets Performance Record on Oakland AC Transit Hybrid Electric Bus
  5. Aptera Returns Customer Deposits, Buzzards Begin to Circle
  6. New movie pushes energy freedom via ethanol
  7. Levi Strauss Embraces Bike Commuting with New Line of Commuter Cycling Gear
  8. And a great film from Streetfilms I missed last week:


  1. 13 Comedians You Didn’t Know Are Vegetarian Or Vegan
  2. WATCH: Over 1,000 Dogs Rescued From Being Eaten (DISTURBING)
  3. The Quick Guide to Vegan Living
  4. Starting Seedlings: Watch Them Grow!
  5. Community Garden Tour: Wheat Street Gardens
  6. & a nice new video from Greenpeace and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mark Fiore:


  1. Gas is Greener? Smearing Renewables Over Land Use Exposes Ignorance of Fossil Fuel Lovers
  2. A Solar Panel on Every Roof? In U.S., Still a Distant Dream
  3. Energy Efficiency & Other Cleantech News of the Week
  4. Total Power Saving
  5. Germans Encouraged to Roof Carports with Solar Panels

Images via Dylan Passmore & Martinho

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