Heroic Family Rescues Humpback Whale from Fishing Net {Video}

Here is a touching story of a family that decided to help one of the largest creatures on earth that was entangled in a fishing net. Sadly, whales get caught up in things like this often, but without the happy ending.

Michael Fishbach, cofounder of Earth Island Institute’s Great Whale Conservancy project, encountered a young humpback whale entangled in fishing nets, while boating in the Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California on Valentine’s Day.

Here Fishbach tells the amazing story of how he and his family helped to save the giant mammal’s life, working against the clock as the animal had been caught up in the nets for some time and was terribly fatigued.

Both Fishbach and the whale found the situation unnerving, but were able to work together in close proximity to keep cutting away the net. At one point, the whale starts to swim away, dragging the boat with it due to the large amount of netting already hauled into the boat.

The whole incident is captured on camera with a touching happy ending to the story as the whale shows its joy, and perhaps its gratitude, at being free again.

h/t The Epoch Times

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11 thoughts on “Heroic Family Rescues Humpback Whale from Fishing Net {Video}”

  1. This is so beautiful. Most humans have come so far from realizing that we too are animals. The disconnect between species has caused so many, many problems. As a certified humane education specialist it is my job to remind people that we are more alike other animals than different and this is a BEAUTIFUL and clear example. Thank you!

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