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I just sent the following email to my representative in the House. I would appreciate it if you did so as well. And millions of Ukrainians would certainly appreciate the help. For more details on what is happening in Ukraine, there are two links in the letter below. They are not always a fun read, but I think it is important that you check those out and do what you can to help our friends in Ukraine.


There is a genuine political and human rights crisis in progress over in Ukraine right now. As someone who has visited Ukraine and has numerous connections there, I have been able to see what is happening more than most. It is not good. And it is not democratic.

Below are a few links where you can learn more. But as a person responsible for the well being of others, I also request that you take action to protect democracy in Europe. In particular, I ask that you please support House Resolution 447, which goes to the floor for consideration Wednesday the 29th.

Here are some links explaining in detail what has been happening in Ukraine in the past two months:

Thank you for your consideration of this matter, and I hope you will support House Resolution 447 this coming week.



Photo credit: Alexandra (Nessa) Gnatoush / CC BY

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