Help Protect Arctic Polar Bears, Whales, Walruses, & Seals from Offshore Drilling

The following is an action alert I received from Oceana. I get a lot of action alerts like this and while I think they are important and I sign them, I don’t normally include them as posts on here. But from time to time I receive one that I think needs a full re-post. Like this one.


The Arctic is a beautiful but harsh landscape of frozen seas and subzero temperatures.

These conditions are perfect for polar bears, whales, walruses, seals, and other hardy Arctic marine animals that make it home. But they spell disaster in the inevitable event of an offshore drilling accident.

We don’t know enough about the Arctic to predict the impact of offshore drilling. We need sound science before we allow offshore drilling in these conditions.

Tell President Obama – we must protect the pristine Arctic home of polar bears »

Last week, President Obama’s commission on the BP oils spill told the federal government that better science and preparedness are needed before pursing more drilling. The message could not be clearer:  we are not prepared to make decisions, let alone drill, in Arctic waters.

Subzero temperatures, massive waves, and frozen seas spell disaster in the inevitable event of an Arctic oil spill. There is no proven method of cleaning up an oil spill in Arctic conditions. There are no trained personnel or equipment in the region capable of carrying out an effective response plan.

Make sure President Obama listens to the recommendations from his own commission: Arctic management needs to be based on sound science »

Climate change is already damaging the homes of Arctic animals and impacting the indigenous communities that rely on a healthy Arctic Ocean. Why risk disastrous offshore drilling?

For the oceans,
Susan Murray
Pacific Director


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Photo Credit: Ansgar Walk

2 thoughts on “Help Protect Arctic Polar Bears, Whales, Walruses, & Seals from Offshore Drilling”

  1. I am not really sure how sincere Obama is with his earlier campaign promises. He seems/appears to oscillate with the issues and attaches to the “big press” items.

    His state of the union message was not specific, and appeared more as a pep talk about what the future may hold. In terms of resources I am just not convinced there is an effort to care for them.

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