Help Fund Awesome Record — "The Trembling Music of Water: Songs of Bike Touring Musician"

Full disclosure: Heather is a friend of mine from college. We recently reconnected (on Facebook, of course) and she mentioned this sweet project she’s trying to get funded. Immediately, I though, “Wow, that’s an awesome project and a great fit for Planetsave!” So, here’s more on the project, via Kickstarter (where you can go to help fund it):


Another friend of mine (from blogging, not college) recently wrote about Heather’s music and environmental leaning/understanding over on sundance channel. Always the talented wordsmith, I’m going to steal a few words from him:

As a musician who tours by bike and train with the Pleasant Revolution, and also powers performances by pedaling, Heather Normandale already has a lot of green cred. But her environmentalism doesn’t stop with her methods of traveling or amplification; She also finds the inspiration for her music in the natural world. Her current project looks to the source of all life on the planet: water.

Okay, sounds a little hippie-dippy, and Heather’s music (as you can hear in the video above) definitely comes out of the American folk tradition. But just from the bit I’ve heard, this isn’t your typical amateur jug band trying to mimic Bob Dylan or Joan Baez. Heather takes inspiration from the sound of water and its ubiquity in our bodies as well as in the natural environment and blended banjo, cello, and percussion to make some really gorgeous music.

And a few words from Heather, herself, on what the project is about:

We all emerged from the water and are more than 2/3 made of this. We hold within our skin a reservoir that allows our life to exist. We [are] mirrors to each other, we carry and amplify vibrations, we are mediums of growth and can be museums of pollution and stagnation. Symbolically, water holds the creative visions of our dreams and ignites conductivity for change.

As an artist, I seek models in nature to answer my big questions. The sounds I make become the product of equations between nature’s induction of my voice and my humble mirror-like reflection of her magnificence. It has shaped me and healed me for the past 16 years as long as I have been writing and singing with strings and frets. My goal is to move beyond my own little pond through human-powered conductivity and access the reservoir of our shared oceanic roots. Through the music I make, my intention is to heal the water that embodies our existence. Heal the water ways of the earth, our bodies, and inspire an awareness that will reduce the distraction and disregard for our most valuable and most waited resource.

Beautiful stuff.

Go to the kickstarter page to learn more (and, of course, check out the video above)!

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