Help Create a Documentary on Haiti and Its Long-Term Food Crisis

Important activist opportunity to help make a film about Haiti that goes deep into the country’s history, culture, and food insecurity issues.

Haiti was on people’s map after the horrible earthquake it suffered recently, and then… quickly off it.

Perhaps a much bigger issue for Haiti than this recent earthquake, however, is a food crisis it has been suffering for numerous years. On the positive side, some grassroots efforts are trying to bring Haiti back to a sustainable, self-sufficient food system.

Now, you have the opportunity to help bring that story to many more people via film.

Good friend Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of sustainablog helped to bring this issue to me via a recent blog post he wrote. Here is what he wrote about the potential film, Hands that Feed:

Pangea Films, a small production company focused on making documentaries that “capture cultures and cultural phenomena in search of common humanity,” is now taking up the story of this small island nation, and of recovery efforts that are working to build a sustainable, self-sufficient future for Haiti. In their film Hands That Feed, Pangea will explore “the agricultural collapse in Haiti, its role in the post-earthquake food crisis, and the emerging grassroots development models that seek to restore Haiti’s food supply and environment.”

Your potential part in the matter is this:

Pangea and producer Josh Levin created a campaign at Kickstarter to raise the $15,000 they need to fund filming in Haiti. They are almost to their goal but only have until Monday, August 2nd at 11 pm CDT to raise the full amount.

While writing this, Kickstarter shows that they have raised $14,485 — meaning they only need $515 more!

If 50 people donate $10 and 1 more donates $15, they will reach their goal!

Read more about the project at Kickstarter and donate!

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