Hedgehogs (10 Friday Photos)

Hedgehog Photo 1 Photo Credit: CadenArmstrong via Flickr

My friend and I have never seen a hedgehog, so I decided to find some photos to solace us. Maybe that’s not the same as seeing one in real life, but still, I think they’re really cute animals. Are hedgehogs common in your area? Some of my friends say that near their houses there are always some hedgehogs. I have no luck, I think… But I hope I’ll see a hedgehog or more soon. For now,.. the awesome, cool photos:

Sleeping Hedgehog

Hedgehog Photo 2 Photo Credit: SBA73 via Flickr

Hedgehog, the king of the road

Hedgehog Photo 3 Photo Credit: Michael Dodge via Flickr

Isn’t it lovely?

Hedgehog Photo 4 Photo Credit: angstychillpill via Flickr

Hedgehog, don’t be sad!

Hedgehog Photo 5 Photo Credit: Petros K. via Flickr

Lovely hedgehog’s triplet

Hedgehog Photo 6 Photo Credit: dougbatchelor via Flickr

He, he, hello hedgehog!

Hedgehog Photo 7 Photo Credit: XWiz via Flickr

Hedgehog… It’s smiling, isn’t it?

Hedgehog Photo 8 Photo Credit: Marijo Šarić via Flickr

The Symbol of the Hedgehog

Hedgehog Photo 9 Photo Credit: Miles Drury via Flickr

Hedgehog in the dark

Hedgehog Photo 10 Photo Credit: Penny’sEverythingNature via Flickr

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