Half Million Emails to Senate in Coming 24 Hours? (on Keystone XL)

keystone xl problems bad

You would think the Keystone XL oil pipeline discussion is over—Republican politicians tried to force Obama to push it through without any environmental review and Obama stood up to the nonsense and rejected the permit proposal.

However, now, these Republican leaders are trying to push it through via completely unrelated bills, trying to skirt the presidential veto.


Note: You can take action now to push your Senators to do the right thing.

Well, the activist troupe that was instrumental in getting the pipeline rejected in the first place is putting the pressure on Congress to make sure they don’t do the unthinkable here.

“Beginning at noon on Monday, the progressive community will focus for 24 solid hours on the Keystone battle. We’ll try to generate half a million emails to the Senate — the most concentrated burst of environmental advocacy this millennium. We’ll know if it works if the Democrats who control the chamber do one simple thing: back their president,” Bill McKibben writes in the Huffington Post.

“Barack Obama did the brave thing. He stood up to the American Petroleum Institute (a.k.a. big oil) and their explicit threat to exact ‘huge political consequences’ unless he granted Keystone an immediate permit. And the GOP did the expected thing — all along they’ve voted with near unanimity to speed up the pipeline. That’s par for the course from a party awash in oily money.'”

Luckily, the Senate is still in the hands of the Democrats, and it can easily stop this nonsense dead in its tracks, if they stand up for common citizens.

Again, take action here!

Keystone XL Pipeline Protesters via tarsandsaction

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