Group Calls for Porpoise's Release from Vancouver Aquarium

Canadian wildlife conservation group the Lifeforce Foundation wrote letter to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to ask that Daisy the porpoise be released from the four-foot-deep wading pool that she has been held inside for the last six months.

The harbor porpoise was rescued in August after she washed up on a beach. Experts gave her only a 10 percent chance of survival, but she beat the odds and was given a clean bill of health three months ago. Now Lifeforce’s Peter Hamilton wants her freed.

“She has gone through a terrible ordeal and has fought hard to survive,” Hamilton wrote. “It’s time to get her out and back to her home in the wild. We must respect her fight to stay alive and give her that chance of freedom.”

At the very least, Hamilton said the porpoise should be moved to a sea pen immediately. In the letter, he points out that Daisy’s dorsal fin may be showing signs of “droopy fin syndrome,” a result of confinement often seen in captive killer whales.

Hamilton’s complete letter is available to read here.


via: Straight

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