Greenpeace "Shut Down Vermont Yankee" Blimp Flying Over Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor [VIDEO]

Greenpeace "Shut Down Vermont Yankee" Blimp Flying over Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor

Greenpeace flew a blimp (or “airship”) over the Vermont Nuclear Reactor “Vermont Yankee” this week,.. as you know since you already read our first story on the activist effort, right? (Hint: read the back story if you haven’t yet.)

Greenpeace has now released a video (below) and several pictures of this flight over Vermont Yankee.

Additionally, I was told in an email from Greenpeace Media Officer Joe Smyth that, “More than a thousand people have sent their own message to Entergy asking it to stop trying to re-license Vermont Yankee.” You can take action and push this energy giant to do the responsible thing and retire this old, dangerous nuclear reactor today as well.

As Greenpeace writes, “Tell the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entergy, J. Wayne Leonard, that enough is enough.  He needs to stop putting corporate profits ahead of the safety of New Englanders, and shut down Vermont Yankee.”

The Vermont Senate voted 26-4 to shut down this nuclear reactor in February 2010 and one of the champions behind that effort, Peter Shumlin, was just elected Governor of Vermont. Trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of this old beast, though, Entergy is trying to relicense the reactor and, the day after Shumlin was elected, Entergy even announced it was looking to sell Vermont Yankee (i.e. pass the buck to another energy company). How ridiculous is that? (OK, that’s most of the back story, but there is a bit more via the link at the top of the page as well.)

Enjoy the video of this great Greenpeace action and sign the letter to Entergy’s CEO J. Wayne Leonard.

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Photo Credit: Greenpeace USA

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  1. The big problem with shutting down VY is that it be replaced with natural gas. The last thing we need is further dependence on this fossil fuel for electricity. VY is still a safer and cleaner alternative to fossil fired baseload.

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