Greenpeace: Japan Cuts Whale Hunt Quota by 20%

Japan will drop its minke whale targets from 935 to 750, the first reduction made in over 20 years.

On top of reduced whale meat demand and world-wide pressure, Japan cites the unrelenting sea protests as a reason for this decision. This comes as both a huge victory for the animal rights community and also as breaking news, considering stories earlier today reported this season’s quota to be the same as it had been in previous years.[social_buttons]

Greenpeace also reports that over 4,000 tons of whale meat have gone unsold, despite Japan’s claim that demand for the meat is outweighing supply. The information, taken from an article in Japan’s own Asahi Shimbun newspaper, shows that as Japan consumes less whale meat, 4,629 tons will sit in storage.

This news follows Greenpeace’s reports from last week, which revealed that Japan’s whaling business is facing serious setbacks. Traditional whaling crews are thinning, whale meat shops are closing, and the typical annual whaling ceremony has been skimmed down to nothing in comparison to that of previous years.

These victories are major, but the news is not all good. The campaigns unfortunately have not led to a reduction in the quota of the endangered fin whale, which remains at 50. Public opposition is only growing, however, and Greenpeace remains confidant that the whaling industry is ready for a complete collapse.

As Greenpeace and the more controversial Sea Shepard Conservation Society continue their work against the whaling industry, we will see how long the dying practice of whaling can keep its head above water.

Photo Credit: Mym on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

4 thoughts on “Greenpeace: Japan Cuts Whale Hunt Quota by 20%”

  1. This is fascism at its smallest scale. people shouldnt tell other people how to live based on opinion or we have moved back to the days of hitler and green peace as it seems is nothing more than another terrorist organization but by definibration only. if we all resorted to tactics such as bombing labratories and stealing equipment any sense of order is lost. as for whales it is just another reasource of which japan uses and as long as hunting is regulated it can and should countinue.

  2. The native North American Indians who whale hunt each year are not the problem. If they kill a dozen whales per year (I have no idea how many or few they do need, keyword, need.) it doesn’t make a huge impact. Its when it comes to a country hunting whales for money; that’s a severe problem.

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