Greenpeace Executive Director in Jail

If you haven’t heard the news, Greenpeace International’s Executive Director Kumi Naidoo is now in jail in Greenland. Why? He followed in the footsteps of 20 Greenpeace activists and climbed an oil rig looking to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean. He went to deliver a letter from 50,000 supporters asking for the company to stop looking for oil in the Arctic. (Much more on this story in the links at the bottom of the post.)

A statement from Naidoo just before leaving a Greenpeace ship to climb the rig:

This is one of the defining environmental battles of our age. It’s a fight for sanity against the madness of those who see the disappearance of Arctic sea-ice as an opportunity to profit. If we don’t stop them, the oil companies will send in the rigs and drill for more of the fossil fuels that got us into this mess in the first place – in a place where the cost of a spill is unimaginable.

We have to draw a line somewhere and I say we draw that line here today.

The video above has much more info and is very inspiring to watch.

To support Naidoo and Greenpeace, you can send your own message to Cairn Energy, the only company currently looking to drill for oil in the Arctic, and you can send a message of support to Naidoo on Greenpeace’s website.

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