Greenpeace Confront Japanese Whalers

NISSHIN MARU FACTORY SHIP IN THE SOUTHERN OCEAN It’s been a couple of months since the Japanese whaling fleet left their home port of Shimonoseki, all the way back in November, and finally Greenpeace has managed to find them in the large Southern Ocean wilderness.

This is the second run for the Greenpeace vessel the Esperanza, and 10 days out from their New Zealand port they’ve run across the fleet, who were trolling the waters in the Southern Ocean Whaling Sanctuary.

According to the official statement from Greenpeace, the Japanese fleet immediately took off, and thus have been unable to hunt since the Esperanza found them; a win in and of itself.

The Japanese obviously had good reason to run, as the members of the Greenpeace vessel are intent on presenting non-violent interference. Activists will drive inflatable boats between the whaler’s harpoons and the whales while using high-powered water pumps to create a curtain of icy water, obscuring the harpooner’s view.

Last November the Japanese fleet launched with intention to kill some 1,000 whales, including 50 humpbacks. Since then however, the humpbacks have been taken off the menu, leaving just the minke and fin whales to fend for themselves.

But despite international protest, the Japan government doesn’t seem to be looking to shut down its “research” any time soon. According to reports, a new factory ship is being planned, which will be in a position to hunt and store even more whales. whalemeatstockpileGraph

The Greenpeace report presents several facts that continue to diminish the legitimacy of Japanese hunting. The accompanying image shows the size of unsold whale meat left in storage over the past 4 years. Greenpeace also suggest that the Japanese government’s sole purpose for running these fake research missions is to bring about a return of commercial whaling.

But with Japanese people not eating the meat, and it ending up in dog-food more often than not, one must reason why? And, as we’ve addressed here, killing for research is simply not necessary, and a hoax that the Japanese must know has long been uncovered.

Needless to say, kudos to the team on board the Esperanza, and be safe!

Greenpeace – Greenpeace confronts whaling fleet

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