Greenpeace Buys Land Planned for UK Airport Expansion

Greenpeace has purchased a field previously earmarked to use to build a controversial third runway at UK’s Heathrow Airport.


Greenpeace intends to invite protesters to set-up camp in the soccer-field-sized space. They also intend to sell small parcels of the land to separate owners in order to force BAA, the airport’s owners, to negotiate a land purchase with each individual land owner.

Most of the approximately $30,000 purchase, completed on Friday, was covered by a secret donor, but actress Emma Thompson and comedian Alastair McGowan contributed small amounts. British Politician Zac Goldsmith also helped cover the cost.

“I don’t understand how any government remotely serious about committing to reversing climate change can even consider these ridiculous plans,”  Thompson said. T”hat’s why we bought a plot on the runway. We’ll stop this from happening even if we have to move in and plant vegetables.”

Heathrow faced a sit-in protest earlier today organized by Climate Rush, where people sat in a terminal entryway and ate a picnic dinner, complete with live acoustic entertainment.

It’s unclear how Greenpeace managed to purchase the land underneath the impending construction plans.

>> Read more about the continued effort to block Heathrow’s third runway:

Photo Credit: markhillary on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

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