Greenpeace Being Spied on, Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying [VIDEO]

Greenpeace has been spied on for years

Greenpeace is normally the one doing the investigative work, but apparently Greenpeace has suffered from some major companies spying on it recently, illegally. “Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against Dow Chemical, Sasol North America (which owns CONDEA Vista), and PR firms Dezenhall Resources and Ketchum, for hiring private investigators to steal documents from Greenpeace, tap our phones and hack into our computers,” Executive Director of Greenpeace, Philip Radford, wrote last week.

Continuing on:

The purpose of this lawsuit is twofold.

First, we aim to put a dent in the arrogance of these corporate renegades who have for too long believed that ethics do not apply to their pursuit of ever-higher profits.

Second, we believe it is every citizen’s right to stand up for the health of their children and community without fearing retribution, an invasion of privacy, conspiracy against them or theft of their belongings. We believe Dow and Sasol conspired to do this to Greenpeace; we aim to stop this before it happens to you.

Here’s more via CNBC:

I highly recommend reading the full piece over on The Huffington Post, but here’s one more quote you definitely shouldn’t miss:

When Goliath corporations go beyond buying elections to intimidating, infiltrating and invading the privacy of small citizen groups, they are attacking more than that group. When corporations hire private spies to undermine the rights of civic leaders, they are undermining democracy.

We’ll see them in court.

Read the full piece here: Philip Radford: Greenpeace Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying, RICO.

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