Green Living Stories {Weekly Round-Up}

Top green living stories of the past week or so:

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  1. Meat Eater’s Guide Highlights CO2 Footprint of Food Choices
  2. Evocative’s Fully “Able” Packaging: Renewable, Compostable and Eatable (maybe)
  3. On Biking, Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe?
  4. Six Tips To Escape The Summer Heat At Home
  5. Tapping Social Media To Muster a Vast Green Army
  6. Viral video used to track down alleged attacker
  7. Raising Earth Savers: Five Ways To Raise Children Who Live Green, Eco-Minded Lifestyles
  8. How-to: Make a Dress From Two Shirts
  9. Hey Gardeners! There Are Some Social Networking Sites Just For You
  10. ‘Carmageddon’ Puts Bikes Front And Center In L.A.
  11. How to Plant a Winter Garden (It’s Time!)
  12. All Natural Tomato Scrub for Healthy Skin
  13. Why cycle hire bikes are not just a posh-boy toy
  14. Four Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Bright Summer Nail Polishes
  15. Top Summer Beauty Products: Our Reader Picks
  16. Feelgood Quickie: Healthy Nail Polish by Scotch Naturals

& a few from us:

  1. Want to Be an Even Greener Gardener? Grow Your Plants in Biodegradable Pots
  2. Daily Green Routine {Infographic}
  3. Green Living: Easier Than You Think (& Chance to Win Eco-Friendly Vacation of Your Dreams)

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