Top Green Living Stories {Weekly Round-Up}

Here are some top green living stories from the past week or so (other than our own). Enjoy!

gelatin square -- made from humans soon?


  1. Considering Solar Panels for a Nomadic Lifestyle
  2. In Chicago, A Holistic Approach to Bicycle Planning
  3. The MacBook Air—An Ideal Cycling Tour Computer
  4. 1 Car = 10 Bicycles
  5. Velomobile Burns Calories Not Gas, Secure Like a Car (VIDEO)
  6. Chicago’s New Protected Bike Lanes
  7. Separated Bike Lanes Will Get More Women on Bikes
  8. Six Essentials for a Road Bike
  9. Inspire Software Propels City Bike-Sharing Programs

Other Green Transport

  1. GM Green-lights EN-V Electric Commuter … Pod … Thing
  2. Turning Over a New Leaf
  3. Columbus’s Hide-the-Poor Transit Strategy Is, Predictably, Bad for Transit
  4. Ikea to Host ECOtality’s Charging Stations
  5. 2012 Nissan Leaf Price Jumps $2,420, Adds More Standard Features
  6. A GPS System with the EV Driver in Mind
  7. Zipcar Baltimore Car Share Members Drive Less, Give Up Cars, Use Mass Transit
  8. Mitsubishi Unveils Solar-Powered Vehicle Charging Station
  9. Most Walkable Cities in U.S. (2011 Voting in Progress)
  10. Walkable & Livable Communities Institute {Green NGO Highlighted}

Recycling & Upcycling

  1. How to Recycle Old Clothing
  2. Recycle More Than Just Paper By Donating Your Magazines
  3. Eco-City Seattle’s Recycling and Composting Program Scales New Heights
  4. Four Upcycled Home Decor Projects
  5. DIY Home: Make a Table Runner from Scrap Fabric

Green Buildings & Solar Power

  1. Let Them Eat Cake and Build a Solar-Powered Recording Studio
  2. Green Remodeling or No Remodeling: Which is more Eco-Friendly?
  3. Bill Clinton says “Paint your roofs white!”
  4. Energy Independence Begins with Home Solar Power Storage Systems
  5. Solar Panels Cool Buildings
  6. Life Inside a 7×12′ Portable, Tiny House (Video)
  7. World’s Largest Solar PV Farm to be Built in U.S.? Maybe!
  8. California Overwhelmed by 71 GW of Renewable Project Applications
  9. Here Comes the Sun, There Goes the Cat

Energy Efficiency

  1. Apple Mac Mini Aims For Energy Efficiency
  2. Saving Energy Saves You Money
  3. ‘Most Efficient’ label sets high bar for Energy Star products


  1. New Study: Eating Habits Programmed During Infancy
  2. Package-Free Groceries?
  3. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies: There’s an App for That
  4. Cashew Milk Recipe
  5. Report Links Meat-Eating To Disease
  6. Is Organic Agriculture a Myth, or a Viable Reality?
  7. Roots to Fruits: Welcome to Our Shared Fruiture
  8. More Useful Tips for Avoiding Jail Time While Vegetable Gardening Your Front Yard
  9. Targeting Gaps in the Food Supply Chain: Going Beyond Agricultural Production to Achieve Food Security
  10. Arsenic in Your Apple Juice? Probably..
  11. Plastic Free Cooking and Food Storage
  12. Boston Tree Party! (Growing Fast)
  13. Gelatin Made from Humans — Vegan?


  1. City-Dwellers Blow Their Green Cred on Energy-Hogging ‘Compensatory’ Holidays, Research Says
  2. Linda Loudermilk Premiers First-Ever Compostable Swimwear at Miami Fashion Week
  3. Laughter Is Good For Your Health
  4. PrintEco’s streamlined print jobs available in Firefox
  5. Which? report highlights money-saving eco products ‘you should avoid’
  6. Promoting Electronics Recycling and New Jobs
  7. What Causes Cancer? Genetics & Environment: The Perfect Storm
  8. Children less attentive, more impulsive with higher exposure to repellent chemicals.
  9. How Green Are You? Be Practically Green
  10. Stylin Eco-Moms
  11. Organic Underwear and T-Shirts from Naia Rico
  12. Triclosan: Is Bath & Body Works’ new soap harmful to teens?

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