Green Living News: Nature Declining in Children's Books; High Cost of Eating Animals; Top Bicycling & Walking Cities..

OK, last weekly roundup of the day, here are 10 big green living stories, other than OUR green living stories, I recommend checking out (if you are into green and healthy living):

1. Nature in children’s books declining! (So sad.) “A new study finds a significant decline in the depiction of the natural world and animals in U.S. children’s books in recent decades, a trend researchers say may reflect society’s increasing isolation from nature,” Yale Environment 360 writes.

2. Is it more expensive to go vegan or vegetarian? Um, that would be insane. “Obviously, if beans, lentils, and other non-animal sources of protein were more expensive than animal flesh, poor people would eat more meat than rich people. But that is obviously not the case,” Vegan Outreach writes. More info via the link.

3. Vegan comfort soup recipes! Two good-looking vegan soup recipes over on Eat Drink Better recently, Slow Cooker Comfort Soup and Stove-top Comfort Soup.

4. Organic cosmetics from Primavera might be up your alley, if you’re into that kind of thing. “When it comes to nontoxic skin care, Primavera is the cream of the crop,”  Liz Thompson of Feelgood Style writes. “High-quality, super-effective, pleasant-to-use products.  You can practically feel the purity when you use them.”

5. Capitol Bikeshare going into the suburbs. DC’s awesome and growing bicycle-sharing program is now spreading into the suburbs, the Washington Post writes.

6. Want to eat healthy and green? Stock your fridge with healthy and green food! Here’s a good list of such food for you.

7. Store-bought body lotion? So out of date. How about trying to make your own!

8. Childhood obesity is linked to phthalate exposure. Say who? Yeah, that’s what I said—more info on Environmental Health News (note: this is related to the story above).

9. The power of disconnection. “Life coach and internationally acclaimed author Martha Beck holds master’s and Ph.D. degrees in sociology from Harvard University, has several children – including a son down syndrome – and has managed to publish successful nonacademic and academic books and articles on a variety of social science and business topics,” Shanley Knox writes over on Feelgood Style.

“When Beck says that she’s found the secret to maintaining her sanity, my ears perk up. You mean there’s a way to balance life at home, life at work and successfully finish projects on the side while still somehow maintaining true to yourself? In her article “Logging Off The Power of Disconnection,” Beck gives 7 tips for relaxing your psyche and your relationships – making your life as a whole lot calmer, and creating room for being more joyful and loving.”

There are actually some really surprising things on the list. Check it out on Feelgood Style.

10. Welcome to the Farmacy. Finally, to wrap up, here’s a fun cartoon by Dan Piraro via Eat Drink Better:

Image Credit: Woman in the Woods photo via Shutterstock

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