Green Living Monday {News Wrap-Up}

I seem to eternally be searching for the best way to share every single green news story I think is important with you. But never seem satisfied or able to keep up with my systems. Maybe this one will last?…

The idea I’ve got now is to do a weekly link drop of stories we didn’t cover each day of the week, but with a different theme each day of the week. To start with, Monday will be “Green Living Monday” (as you can see above). Why? Who knows, that just sounded good to me :D. Also, I guess it is because I am trying to stress green living more and more these days.

So, here are top Green Living stories from the past week or so that I wasn’t able to cover in more depth. Check ’em out!

First, above all, I recommend watching the awesome video above. And the whole film can be watched at Now, for all ‘green living goods’ I mention on here, I hope and try to only feature truly utilitarian goods, things people need (or which really help them in their life or in living a greener life). But, perhaps I’m just another sucker with this widespread mental illness as well.

Rainwater Irrigation System Solar Powered

The patent-pending Garden Sitter system is a self contained solar powered, programmable rain barrel irrigation system designed to ”babysit” your garden while you’re away, for weeks or even months at a time.  It makes use of a 5 watt solar panel mounted in a sturdy box constructed of North Carolina cypress, as well as  is a 7 amp charge controller and battery; LED lights offer the system’s charging status at a glance.

TOMS Shoes Steps Beyond Footwear with New One For One Eyewear (Photos) (FYI: I’ve got a pair of TOMS shoes, love them, and planning to write about them — nice looking sunglasses from TOMS now as well)

Following in the footsteps of their highly successful One for One business model, TOMS Shoes is stepping it up with the launch of TOMS Eyewear, a line of three classic sunglasses that help give sight to a person in need.

10 High-Tech Bike Accessories to Improve Your Commute (Slideshow)

Bike accessories just keep getting better and better.

From a better (less expensive!) pannier box made from 80 percent recycled corrugated plastic to the latest in dynamo chargers, inflatable helmets, ultra-protection rain gear, and more, we’ve gathered a few of those favorite things that can make your daily bike commute ever more pleasurable.

Another 10 Truly Amazing Tree Houses

Tree houses! What more is there to say?

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