Green Living and Green Tech News of the Week

green living and green tech news of the week

Following up on global warming news of the week (one of the biggest environmental problems), here is some uplifting green tech and green living news from this week.

Huge Tidal Energy Turbine, Spray-On Solar Cells Coming to Market, LEED-Certified Mosque at Ground Zero, and More

In green energy news, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine — AK1000™ — was launched in waters off the coast of Scotland this week; plans to commercialize spray-on solar cells were launched by Norwegian company EnSol and a team of scientists at the University of Leicester; and its been announced that the all-too-controversial mosque being proposed near the Ground Zero site in NYC could be the first LEED-certified mosque in the United States.

Also, if you’ve been wondering if it’s better to lease or own solar panels, CalFinder Home Solar has a good post on this. And if curious, confused, or worried about a full-scale “smart grid” in the U.S. (or delay in getting it up and running), Tim Hurst of Earth & Industry has a good, unique post on “6 Things Slowing the Smart Grid’s Arrival and 6 Reasons Not to Worry.”

Augmented Reality iPhone App for Green Transport and the ThinBike

In bike and transportation tech news, a new “augmented reality” iPhone app helps people find bus stops, Tube stations, and London Cycle Hire docking stations; and The Fun Times Guide to Green Living discusses a new, small-home-friendly bike — the ThinBike — that was designed by founder Graham Hill andSchindelhauer bikes.

Go No Shampoo, Triclosan in Humans Jumps, and 3 Ways to Add Green to Small Spaces

David Markham has a great post over on NaturalPapa this week about ditching shampoo, or going “no poo,” as he says — a good read. Easy for me, since I’ve got short hair these days, but he’s got hair down to his waste and is doing fine without the poo. Can you go no poo, too?

Derek also has an excellent piece on triclosan, “that sneaky little pesticide in the antimicrobial soaps you’ll find everywhere,” and the new data from the CDC showing that triclosan in humans increased 40% from the time periods 2003-2004 to 2005-2006. Another highly recommended read for those looking to learn more about, and green, their daily lives.

And, for those of you needing more green in your home, but without much space to add it, Important Media’s very own Becky Striepe has a great post (on another network) regarding 3 ways to add green to small spaces.

Good green living and green tech news from around the web — hope you enjoyed it.

Photo Credit: elainevdw via flickr

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  1. Very informative and interesting articles.
    The greatest advantage to container gardening I have found, and this is whether you have small spaces or not, is the ability to move your plants around if necessary to better locations, or out of the bad weather as well. You certainly have a much better chance of not losing them totally.

    Love the thin bike. Makes so much sense, and such an obvious concept.

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