Green Gifts (Cyber Monday)

I may do a post on other types of gifts later on in the season, but on “Cyber Monday” I thought I’d go with this simple but nice gift idea.

I’m sure different people have different opinions about these gifts, but I think they serve a good purpose with few environmental costs, while also accepting the current desires of much of the population of the world. They are educational, help the world, and serve as a good gift for many people.

I’m talking about the “adopt an animal” stuffed animals and adoption kits a number of environmental organizations are offering.

The Defenders of Wildlife Adoption and Gift Center offers 27 animals, from wolves to sea otters to Arctic foxes to hummingbirds. Defenders of Wildlife also offers other merchandise such as clothing and doormats as donation gifts as well.

WWF also offers animal adoptions as well as WWF clothing, water bottles, calendars, etc.

Oceana offers adoption of a number of ocean-based creatures if you are more of an ocean person (and you know they need help these days). Dolphins, octopuses, seals, penguins, turtles, etc. are available through Oceana.

If you are a purist and are up for avoiding the merchandise altogether, you can also just make a donation to Oceana or WWF (or probably any other organization of your choosing) on someone’s behalf and then give them a gift card telling them you did so instead.

While these may not be as glamorous as some purely consumer-oriented goods, who doesn’t love stuffed animals, doesn’t need a calendar, or wouldn’t feel great saving an animal’s life (or even helping to save a whole species)?

Adopt an animal or get some other green merchandise for your friends and family this year while helping to save endangered species and protect the environment.

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Photo Credit: law_keven via flickr (CC license)

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