Great White Sharks (10 Friday Photos)

White Shark Photo 1 Photo Credit: protecttheoceans via Flickr

For me, sharks, with their beautiful look and power, are one of the most interesting animals. Often, people describe them as a ugly, brutal animals that are dangerous. The other awful case is that some people eat them, which is thousands times more cruel than the few events in which sharks attacked humans. I find sharks majestic, powerful and amazing. Nothing to be scared of, just to admire!

“Check it, dentist”

White Shark Photo 2 Photo Credit: Geoff Spiby via Flickr

Shark swimming away…

White Shark Photo 3 Photo Credit: via Flickr

The smile of a white shark

White Shark Picture 4 Photo Credit: via Flickr

The deep sight of a shark

White Shark Photo 5 Photo Credit: Charles Bray via Flickr

The great white shark hunting

White Shark Photo 6 Photo Credit: PedroAlberto98 via Flickr

“Jump in, guy”

White Shark Photo 7 Photo Credit: Gussy (Luke) via Flickr

Shark, let’s play!

White Shark Photo 8 Photo Credit: via Flickr

Shark in the distance

White Shark Picutre 9 Photo Credit: Charlene-SJ via Flickr

“You can’t say I’m not a cute shark”

White Shark Photo 10 Photo Credit: gnosjo01 via Flickr

Wasn’t that great? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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