Global Dimming [VIDEOS]

This is a great video recently shared by one of our readers in the comments. It seemed worth more than a share in the comments, so here it is.

You’ve heard of global warming, but what about global dimming? Considerable reductions in solar energy reaching the Earth, globally. This is not a new video, and the science isn’t new either, but it is still a hardly-broadcast issue.

And it is clearly a critical topic for life on this planet.

If you just watched the first video and thought, “hmm, this is counter to global warming,” think again. Watch the next part here:

As you can see, this is a 5-part series, originally a BBC broadcast. Check them all out for more on this complicated topic.

As you can see in this fourth video, global dimming is having a dramatic effect on global warming.. it is minimizing global warming. In other words, while global warming is certainly happening, it is happening much slower that it would be if it weren’t for global dimming.

Solve one critical climate issue and it looks like another even more serious climate crisis is going to ‘heat up.’

Key takeaway points:

1. Global warming is being reduced by global dimming. And climate models are probably greatly underestimating global warming.
2. As we address global warming, and global dimming, by reducing pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, global dimming’s temporary mitigation of global warming will also disappear, and we will see how much the world has actually heated.
3. We are on a path towards massive global climate change that is going to catastrophically transform our planet and all the natural systems we rely on.. if we don’t start cutting the burning of fossil fuels fast.

Completely fascinating and concerning.

Thoughts? Other cool videos to share? Stick ’em in the comments.

Photo Credit: withrow

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