Get Real (Video)

This is the birth of Get Real (, a grassroots organization whose goal is the reduction of our ecological footprint on the planet—to an extent sufficient to avert an eventual collapse of the various ecosystems and also, indirectly, the caving-in of the manmade world.

Get Real has a set of proposed measures and mandates that is global in scope and ultimately political in nature. It does not come as a substitute for but in addition to the need to change our individual and community values. That is to say, we need to alter our consumption habits, the way we view our role on the planet, and how we regard the plight of future generations.

The objectives of Get Real—from a makeover of our transportation sector, land use practices, and economic engine—are as far reaching as is needed. As case in point, one of the nineteen objectives is setting carbon concentration target at 325 ppm. To that end, between now and 2100, hundreds of billions of tons of carbon are to be drawn from the atmosphere. The means are at hand. We have the manpower, we have the resources. It is largely a matter of re-organizing our economic and political engines to facilitate it. And that, too, is one of the objectives of Get Real. This is one of those times when doing our best is not enough. We must do what is necessary.

Literally, thousands of hours went into the creation of a viable blueprint.

Here is a three-minute video introducing Get Real and inviting people to consider its blueprint

Daniel Rirdan

Author of The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse

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