Get Involved in Politics.. Hear Me Out (Going Green Tip #14)

why politics is important

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with politics, for sure. It can be extremely frustrating, especially given the ignorance and corruption dominating U.S. politics today. I have sworn myself off of politics in the past, but have come back around to it.

One of the reasons I’ve done so is the clear need for the U.S. public to understand that it is being duped, manipulated, and screwed by the richest of the rich. And for those people to stand up and take their government back. Those people are us.

Another reason is a big one that I have said for years: to be informed and involved in politics is a crucial duty for people living in a democratic society such as ours. Sadly, many of us do not care about duty, and so we let our country be taken over by those who can make a profit on doing what hurts the common citizen.

And, truthfully, if you want to help make the world a greener place (keep the air clean or make it cleaner, help clean up our waterways, and help protect a livable climate), perhaps even more important than greening your own life is getting involved in politics. Most people will not change their lives for environmental reasons. But, a sensible government that has the long-term benefit of its people in mind can create policies that encourage people to do so for other (financial) reasons.

I probably should have put this higher on the Going Green Tips list. But better late than never. And that cliché goes the same for you with regards to this matter. If you have never been involved in politics before, no worries, you can jump in now. & you should.

I’ll soon be writing on HOW to go about getting involved in politics as well, as I think there is a clear need for a transformation in how most of us are “getting involved.”

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  1. Hi Zach,
    Did you end up writing about how to get involved as the last sentences of this blog indicate? I wouldvery much like to read it. Thanks for being a fellow trooper!

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