German Energy Shift Documentary, Free To Watch Documentary By Frank Farenski

A well-made documentary on the renewable energy revolution in Germany, “Leben Mit Der Energiewende“, is now available to watch for free online. The film is currently showing in some German cinemas, but is also available to everyone to watch for free online via a Creative Commons license. I recommend watching it, but it is in German, so how much you get out of it will depend somewhat on your familiarity with the German language. Enjoy.

Over on sister site CleanTechnica, we have reported extensively on the energy “revolution” occurring in Germany and the nature of the structural changes that are occurring there. For a good summary on why renewables, especially solar power, are doing so well in Germany, see our article: Germany Has More Solar Power Because Everyone Wins.

We’re going to try to bring more of that to Planetsave now, as well.

Source: YouTube

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