G20 Meeting in London to Face Huge Protests, Climate Camp

The G20 will meet next week in London, and while police are bracing for clamoring anti-globalization and climate change protests, organizers say all the planned events will be peaceful.


While the failures of the banking system will take the forefront (get used to hearing the phrase “Bankers are wankers”), organizers have also planned protests to the G20’s response to climate change.

Activists plan to bring a giant ice block to leave in front of the ExCel conference center, where the meeting is to take place. Additionally, starting on April 1st, organizers have scheduled a 24 hour Climate Camp in front of the European Climate Exchange to include “camping, workshops, protest, positive alternatives, direct action, and community.”

But the Climate Camp will be only one part of what some anticipate to be complete take-over of London. One group may dump tons of sand into streets for children to participate in “sandpit protests,” others may block streets and tunnels, and police even claim that they heard chatter that someone may drive a “tank” into the ExCel center.

For up-to-date information on the Climate Camp, make sure to follow @ClimateCampLdn on Twitter or check their website. If you’re planning on attending the events, make sure to stay safe. With tens of thousands of protesters, 3,000 police, and over 20 of the world’s top leaders all in one place, it could turn into quite a mess.

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  1. China, India and the other overpopulated areas consume massive energy, amid the declining oil reserve,and so without a new effective alternative energy system, we can not expect renewed economy prosperity, and that is why ‘the global green new deal’ is required, I think.

    Thank you !

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